Until recently, the only way for poker players to experience short-deck hold’em was to sit down at the high-stakes cash tables in Asia.

Things have certainly changed a lot in a short time.

PokerStars introduced 6+ Hold’em cash games at the beginning of this year, giving players at a range of stakes a chance to try out the game. Things went well, to say the least.

2019 WSOP Main Event runner-up Dario Sammartino won the first live 6+ Hold’em tournament in Monte Carlo earlier this year.

Multi-table tournaments arrived next. First came a live 6+ Hold’em tournament at EPT Monte Carlo, where Italian pro Dario Sammartino triumphed, and then a few online events during SCOOP.

Now PokerStars is rounding out our 6+ Hold’em offerings with spin-and-go tournaments. Beginning today, July 25th, you can play 6+ Hold’em in a classic single-table tournament format. Rake and payouts will be identical to those in standard hold’em spin-and-go tourneys, so the only change is the game that’s being played.

Professional poker players love 6+ Hold’em and it’s easy to see why. All cards below 6 are stripped from the deck, the player on the button pays a single blind, and everyone pay an ante on each hand. Aside from flushes beating full houses — they’re harder to make with a shorter deck — everything plays like a regular hold’em game. The end result is lots of action and lots of fun. With a fast-paced spin-and-go format in play, things should be even more exciting.

These new 6+ Hold’em spin-and-go tourneys will be offered with buy-ins of $1, $3, $15, $30 and $100. They are initially available to .COM and .EU players, as well as on .BE, .BG, .DK, .EE, .RO, .RU, .RUSO, .SH, and .UK licenses.

Interested in playing but want to get the lay of the land first? We’ve got you covered. Learn the basics of 6+ Hold’em, and read about what happened when the Blog learned 6+ Hold’em from Lex Veldhuis.

WSOP photography by pokerphotoarchive.com

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