Most poker players arrive at tournaments with a standard armoury of trinkets and paraphernalia to see you through. Large and dark sunglasses are popular, hiding any weakness in the eyes; a baseball cap can disguise your face in the same way and headphones plugged into an MP3 player help break the monotony between moments of sheer terror. No doubt you could put together some sort of official study into precisely what kind of music best suits the tournament mood but for one player at least such time consuming research is unnecessary – he knows exactly what’s needed.

“The Proclaimers”.

Following a report in a British newspaper Graham Clarkson once revealed that the secret behind his EPT success (he came 8th at the EPT London in season two) was the singing duo from Fife, Scotland, who found fame with songs such as I’m gonna be (500 miles), I’m on my way,Letter from Americaand the rather appropriate cover of Hank Williams’ Down to the River. These songs and more blocked out the table of top players ultimately helping Graham concentrate on his own performance – the result leaving him £14,000 better off.


Naturally I caught up with Graham here in Dortmund between hands, just to double check what he was playing on his Ipod…


Terrific. We’ve reached the first break in play at the end of level two.

Tournament update:

Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri lost 7k in one hand on a Gutshot straight draw. Dario bluffed on the river, called by an opponent with pocket jacks.

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