Gunnar Rabe has been eliminated in fourth place by Andreas Hoivold. Down on chips – at just 400,000 – he pushed in a battle of the blinds with 2-2. Hoivold looked at one card and found it was an ace. Call. He saw the 2-2, turned over his second card. A 9.

The flop was 5-5-4, the turn a J. So any 4, J, 9, or A would knock Swedish PokerStars quaifier Rabe out. It came a 9, and he walks the plank, but now has €169,000 to dull any pain. Blinds are now up to 30,000-60,000, with 6,000 ante. The title is getting close for either Hoivold, Sebastian Ruthenberg, or Christiano Blanco.

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