Jacob Rasmussen is our fifth place finisher, falling for more speech play from Andreas Hoivold. The Norwegian raised to 106,000, saying “six is my lucky number”. Rasmussen thought for a good few seconds before announcing he would raise. Quick as a flash, Hoivold asked Lee Jones – calling the final table here – “Can he do that?”. With that, Rasmussen pushed all in, called in a flash by Hoivold.

Rasmussen had Q-J, but Hoivold had the K-K. “May the best hand win,” he said. And indeed it did when the board came 7-10-3-3-J. As Rasmussen sloped off to collect his €139,000, Hoivold explained to the table: “I tried to play it strong so he thought I was weak – and it worked.

He has now soared past the million chip mark, and is looking a real threat.

Latest approximate chip counts:
Gunnar Rabe 2,000,000
Andreas Hoivold 1,700,000
Christiano Blanco 1,100,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg 400,000.

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