Players have re-started at the 8000/16000/2,000 level. If you’re following the action throughout the day you can press refresh for the latest news which will appear at the top of each post. You can also keep tabs on the latest chip counts here. Winner information is available here.

11:22pm–Fifteen minute break with 14 players remaining.

10:54pm–Antonio Esfandiari has been busy chipping up after taking some hits earlier as a couple of short stacks doubled through him. In hand that was resolved preflop, he added nicely to his stack. Joe Hachem raise to 44k from the hijack seat, Antonio called from the small blind and Maxime Villemure of Canada raised to 140k from the big blind. Joe let his hand go after thinking on it for a bit. Antonio quickly pushed all-in and nearly as quickly Maxime gave up the hunt.

10.50pm — Play goes on with 15 players left. Two players see a flop of 2h Qs 4h. And it’s chip leader Stig Top Rasmussen betting out 50K in pink chips. Almost immediately Valeriy Ilikyan calls, lining up his chips alongside/ This goes on through the turn, the Jh and the river, another jack with Stig putting in a final 320K bet as if drawing a line in the sand. It takes a few minutes but Valeriy gets the message and mucks his hand.

10:39pm–Eric Liu is gone in 16th place after either getting frustrated or failing to believe Valeriy IIilyan had an ace. On a flop of AcAhTh, Valeriy bet out about half Liu’s stack and then began talking, talking, and talking. Liu finally said, “I’ve had enough. All-in.” Snap call see’s Valeriy’s A5 and Liu’s QdJd. No king comes and Liu is out. Possible explanation says Liu puts Valeriy on air or a ten. Academic now.

10:22pm–Hot and heavy action in the first hand after a break to redraw after reaching 16 player. It involved two players who are new to the TV table. Glen Chorny raised to 42k (blinds 8k – 16k, ante 2k) from the cut off seat. Robin Keston immediately raised to 135k on the button. The blinds folded and after some thought Glen made the call. That brought a ragged 8 high flop and a check from Glen. Robbin made it 150 to play and with little hesitation Glen announced all-in. It didn’t take Robin long to decide he’d been trapped. He discarded his hand wincing at the thought of how many chips were moving to Glen.

10:16pm–While everybody gets re-seated, we wait. If you need a fix of other games besides NLHE, check out this video blog on….HORSE!

10:05pm — All of a sudden we’re down to 16 players, and they’re redrawing for seats as we go to two tables.

10:01pm — Henrik Gwinner has been joking around with Johnny Lodden all day, sat as they are side by side. But joking aside there was a tournament to play and when Gwinner moved all-in the action was folded all the way around to Lodden. It was a tough decision for Lodden, calling for what would be his own tournament hopes, and whilst he thought it over David Miara was all in on the other table.

As crowds bustled to get a glimpse of that, Lodden flicked first a few of his chips, then the rest of his stack into the pot. Gwinner had him covered in chips but was behind card wise, his A-J to Lodden’s pocket eights. They conferred with each other as they waited for the cameras which would record an ace hitting the flop and an absence of a third eight to save Lodden. He’s out in 17th place.

10:00pm–Isaac Baron has just eliminated David Miara. Miara got TT in against Isaac Baron’s AJ. Jack on the river.


Isaac Baron, running well — © Neil Stoddart

9:50pm–Walid Bou Habib of Lebanon has left the TV table and the tournament. He finished 19th after pushing a short stack with T8 and getting a call from Oyvind Riisem of Norway. Oyvind turned over A7 and Walid got no help from the board.

9:35pm–Vincent Secher is looking for more reason to take advantage of his free hotel room (provided by PokerStars after he revealed he’d been sleeping in a tent all week). He just doubled up with KK vs. Thomas Boekhoff’s AT.


Vincent Secher

Hachem, tortured as he is by his massage, began chatting a bit about the frequency everyone else gets big pocket pairs. Robin Keston remarked on what he considered moaning. “You sound like my wife.”

Hachem laughed and insisted it was the only way he could stay awake.

“You’re going to whine your way to the final table,” Keston said.

9.25pm — Starting a new level with blinds now 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante.

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