Day three is underway at the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final, now entering level 13 with blinds at 1,000/2,000 with a 200 ante. If you’re following the action throughout the day you can press refresh for the latest news which will appear at the top of each post. You can also keep tabs on the latest chip counts here.

2:44pm–On break. A fresh chip count is coming soon.

2:40pm–In the waning moments of Level 13, Eli Elezra tried to snap off an EP raiser with pocket fives. In the process, he ran into Vincent “The Tent” Secher and his pocket kings. Elezra picked up a straight draw on the turn, but missed the river and is out in 100th place.

2:39pm–Stars of Poker Update–Action from level 2. Vicky raises to 300 and is called by both ElkY and Katja. Flop comes 9s-Qh-5c and ElkY bets 525 and Katja calls. Vicky folds. The turn brings a 7d and a 1200 bet from Katja wins the pot. Several hands later Dario raises to 300 and is called by ElkY. The flop is 5s-Js-2d and a 450 bet from ElkY is called by Dario. Kd on the turn and a 900 bet from Dario wins it. The next notable hand saw some big preflop action. Vicky limped and ElkY bumped it to 325. bigjoe2003 made it 1100 to play and once Vicky folded ElkY announced all in. bigjoe2003 eventually folded and ElkY flashed a King. Question remains as to whether he had another or an ace.

It is clear that the two most aggresive players at the table are Dario and ElkY. It seems that most notable hands are currently involving one or other of them, and occasionally both. Noah raised to 275 and was called by Dario. The flopw as 7d-5h-3c and a 375 bet from Noah was raised to 2000 by Dario. Noah called all in and showed QQ. 99 for Dario. No miracle two outer hit and Noah doubles through Dario.

2.38pm — Peter Traply, one of three Hungarians playing today, came out betting on a flop of QsJdQc. Robin Keston over in seat three makes it another 14,800 which Traply calls. The turn is the 8s which both players check to see a 2c river. Traply bet 37K with a long line of brown chips spread out towards the pot. Keston checked his hand one last time, stood up, and mucked.

2:27pm–Glen Chorny has busted Marcel Luske. Luske was hurt badly in the earlier hand with Martin Rask. Now, he looked to pick up the blinds with a steal from the button with Th6h. Chorny called the raise with A9, checked the A-high flop, and called within seconds for Luske’s push. Luske didn’t catch up and finishes just short of the money.

2:24pm–Joe Hachem doubled up short stack Sasha Rosewood as his J7 of hearts did not improve after Rosewood showed AQ of hearts. With blinds at 1k, 2k and a ante of 200 Joe made the oblilgatory call to 14,500 total from the big blind. His growing stack was barely dented in the fray.

2.20pm – PokerStars qualifier James Campbell bets 6K pre-flop. Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano goes to his stack and re-raises, 31k total which after a short deliberation James calls. They see a flop, AdQd5c. James immediately checks and Luca goes to his browns, seven of them,a bet of 35k. James mouths words of fury to himself and folds his pocket kings face up. Luca shows his hand face up too… pocket jacks.

2:18pm–100 players remain.

2:13pmStars of Poker Update–We are now in level 2 with the blinds at 50/100. The approximate chip counts of those remaining are bigjoe2003 4900. Katja Thater 6500. Dario 4675 John Duthie 11725. Noah 2300. Barry 4700. Vicky 4400. ElkY 5600

2:12pm–On a board showing K2J5K, Jonathan Dwek of Canada moves all-in. Stuart Michel Fox of the UK thinks for a bit before calling of 2/3 of his stack. Dwek shows him K6 for trips and the win. Fox is down to 22K.

2:10pm–A number of large pots are changing hands with no showdown. An example is the following clash between Toth Csaba and Eric Liu. Liu opened from the cutoff for 5500 and was raised to 15k by Csaba, Liu called. The flop showed 7c 2h, 4s. Liu bet out 19k and and faced a quick raise to 41.4k. After considerable thought and after asking Csaba how much he had behind, Liu gave it up

2pm — Oybind Riisem raises pre-flop, 5.600 in total. It’s folded round to Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme who calls, as does Andreas Sarling in the big blind. It’s three to the flop – TsAcQs. Sarling performs that slow push in, moving his stack across the line into the middle. It’s mostly reds and blacks. Oyvind calls and Raymond gets out of their way. K-T for Andreas, but A-T for Oyvind who takes the pot and leaves another seat empty.

1:51pmStars of Poker Update–With the blinds at 25/50 and starting stacks of 5000 one can expect plenty of play in the Stars of Poker SnG. There is a $100,000 prize pool with $50,000 for 1st, $30,000 for 2nd and $20,000 for 3rd. The contenders are Daniel Negreanu, bigjoe2003(2nd ever SuperNova Elite on PokerStars), Katja Thater, Dario Minieiri, John Duthie, Noah Boeken, Barry Greenstein, Vicky Coren and ElkY(1st ever SuperNova Elite on PokerStars). There has been the usual light jousting that one might expect in this tye of event. Players feeling each other out and trying to get information whilst the cost is cheap. A couple of big pots have developed in the first orbit. Notably John Duthie winning a 2250 pot from Noah with trip jacks on a board of Jd-8d-Ah-Jh-5s. Now, we have just had our first casualty. Kid Poker Daniel Negreanu has busted out in 9th. Here is how the action went down. John Duthie raised to 150 UTG and got calls from Barry and Daniel. The flop was 5s-Ks-9d and a 350 bet from John was raised to 850 by Daniel. Barry wisely got out of the way. Turn was 8d and Daniel bet 1100, John raised to 2600 total and Daniel pushed in. John instantly called and it was set over set. 55 for Daniel and KK for John. No miracle 1 outer and Daniel can at least try and enjoy the sunshine this afternoon.

1:47pm–Marcel Luske has just lost nearly half his stack in a hand that never saw a flop. Henrik Gwinner came in for a raise and got a re-raise from Martin Rask. Luske pushed out 55,000 chips. Gwinner folded, but Rask pushed all-in. Luske had 63,000 behind. After taking for nearly five minutes, Luske folded.


1:28pm–It’s a long and drawn-out though process for both players in a series of raises and re-raises pre-flop. When they finally get it all-in, Pablo Ubierna has pocket jacks to Uffe Holm’s AQo. “Hit me baby one more time,” Holm sings. The dealer misunderstands and his Spain’s Ubierna almost as hard as he can with a J44 flop. No runner runner perfect and Holm is down to around 25,000 chips.

1.10pm — PokerStars qualifier Sebastian Zink just busted within minutes of the start. He was all in with pocket kings against the A-J of Sorel Mizzi. Crucially for Mizzi one of his cards was a heart with four on the board. But Sebastian was pragmatic in defeat, wishing the table luck.

“Hmm… are there still flights leaving for Germany today? Oh well. I guess luck favours the good players!”

In the meantime introductions are being made on the main stage where the Stars of Poker event is about to begin. We’ll bring details on how things take shape as play gets started.

1.05pm – Cards are in the air.

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