Day three is underway at the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final, now entering level 15 with blinds at 1,000/2,000 with a 200 ante. If you’re following the action throughout the day you can press refresh for the latest news which will appear at the top of each post. You can also keep tabs on the latest chip counts here. See previous action from Level 15 HERE.

9:52pm–Players are headed to an extended break for the color up of the 100 chips. In the meantime, watch this…the story of Boris Becker, tennis champion, who made the final table of a side event here today.

9:50pm–A six figure pot was build preflop involving Sorel Mizzi and 1507 as follows. Mizzi made a standard raise from early position and was re-raised by 1507 to 35k. Sorel thought for a very, very long time before announcing all-in. 1507 asked for a count which indicated that it would be nearly 60k more to call. With little hesitation 1507 made the call. Mizzi showed AJ to AK for 1507. The board changed nothing and Mizzi was escorted to the payout table.

9:46pm–Papa Pagano! It’s just fun to say. The father of Luca Pagano, known to his friends as Claudio, just sent a player to the rail. It was AQ for Pagano, AT for Sami Ovaskainen. Nothing silly happened and we’re down below the 60-player mark.


9.40pm — A 12K bet from Spaniard Pablo Ubierna-Morfeo gets Freddy Deeb interested. He waves Pablo’s hands away so he can see how much he has. “Raise 30K more” says Freddy. Pablo now begins staring over at his opponent but there’s not much on show Freddy’s way, who takes a sip from his cup of coffee. Pablo mucks his pocket tens face up, getting an eyebrow raise from Freddy who slides his cards back to the dealer. What did he have?

“6-4 off-suit. If they ask you lie, if you tell the truth they don’t believe you. 6-4 off-suit!”

9:38pm–Massou Cohen is out on a rough hand. On a flop of 459 with two clubs, he gets in 4cXc vs Tc7c. His opponent holds Tc7c. Turn and river go runner-runner sevens and Cohen is out.

9:33pm–Some finishing positions since the bubble broke…

66: Giovanni Nevvo
67: Jan Heitmann
68: George Lind
69: Tom Ahlberg
70: Ian Prevost
71: Torbjörn Jonson
72: Giovanni Bigom
73: Morten Lokken
74: Tommi Hörkkö
75: Benjamin Kang
76: William Martin
77: Sean Bruder
78: Filipe Ramos
79: Ed de Haas
80: Trond Erik Eidsvig

9:32pm–Antonio Esfandiari just busted another player…this time with AA versus QQ all-in pre-flop. Matthew Kurtz held the QQ. The board came out KJ747, no help for Kurtz.

9.12pm — The first Supernova Elite of 2008 on PokerStars, George Lind, is out at the same time as Antonio Esfandiari was doubling up, calling with aces when Gordon Vayo pushed with kings. The aces held for Esfandiari who watched the showdown whilst standing on his chair. Meanwhile PokerStars sponsored player Jan Heitman was just spotted sighing heavily and on his way to the payout desk, closely followed by Giovanni Nervo, his K-J beaten by pocket queens.

9:11pm–The Vikings invade!

8.54pm — Torbjorn Jonson finally succumbed to a chronic chip shortage and is picking up his share of the prize pool. Isaac Baron continues his chip building, sat with a stack the size of a wedding cake and eliminating Giovanni Bigoni a-K against pocket tens. An ace on the flop and river put an end to Bigoni’s day.

8:52pm–Now that the bubble has burst short stacks and not so short stacks are more prone to get all in. The latter do tend to require better hands. Giovanni Bigoni waited for a flop of 3h Qs 6s before pulling the trigger with his last 51k chips. With blinds now at 2000 – 4000 with a 400 ante and 28k in the pot, such a move is not unreasonable. His opponent Walid Bou Habib thought long and hard before making the call. As he turned up AK, Walid was not happy to see the dreaded AA revealed by Giovanni. The aces held and a trend of the all-in player doubling up continues in post dinner play.

8.36pm — An orderly queue is forming at the payout desk. Trond Eidsvig is filling out the paper work and behind him in line is PokerStars Sponsored player Benjamin Kang. Torbjorn Jonson of Sweden has doubled up once more, to the vocal displeasure of Glen Chorny, a PokerStars qualifier from Canada.

8.26pm — Ed de Haas is first to shove, getting no takers. On the next hand he tries the same, only this time he gets action. Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme asks how much and then calls, showing pocket eights. De Haas has jack-nine and needs one or the other. Neither come and the big Dutchman is out.

8:15pm–Players are returning from break to plan down to 40 players. Eighty players remain. You can find the latest chip counts here.

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