If you’re following the action throughout the day you can press refresh for the latest news which will appear at the top of each post. You can also keep tabs on the latest chip counts here. See previous action from Level 16 HERE.

11:49pm–With 44 players remaining, it’s time for a 15-minute break.

11.40pm — Robin Keston will be more than happy he looked down and found 8-6. He just knocked out Csaba Toth of Hungary who left looking dazed and wondering what had just hit him with a board reading 7-9-8-A-7. No detail on what happened other than Keston’s winning hand, but the Englishman now has an enormous stack. Down to just 44 players.

11.38pm — Martin Rask is the latest player to find himself on the rail, the recipient of a bad beat, all in with –AK against A-Q only for a queen to hit the turn.

11.35pm — PokerStars qualifier Vincent Secher, who up until today was spending nights with friends in a French campsite, just moved all-in. 100K in total. “Want me to call?” asked Antonio Esfandiari, who eventually mucked.

11.30pm — Gerasimos Deres got all of his chips in on a flop of 9h 3h Qd. He opened for 35k and Borge Dyovik raised it to 88k. Gerasimos pushed after a reasonable pause. Borge took longer to make a decision to call with AQ spades. When Gerasimos showed KK he probably wished he’d decided differently. The turn and river did not bring an ace. Borge started with a larger stack, but the confrontation left him crippled and he was eliminated a short time later.

11.20pm — On a flop of 4-5-3 Alexander Morozov bets 20K. It’s folded around to Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme who re-raises, 80K in total now. Alexander asks how much, and Raymond counts it, double checks i,t and says he has 64. Alexander now stares at Raymond, arranges his stack and begins to push it forward, stopping just short of the line, all the while looking at Raymond. Raymond pretends to shake and waits for Alexander to act. He mucks.

10.55pm — A few more players have fallen away including Mark Keightley who moved all-in for 86K with A-Q off suit. He was called by Rami Boukai who had pocket jacks. Boukai flopped a jack and turned a full house, sending Keightley to the rail.

Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme has had his table broken. He now sits opposite team mate Luca Pagano on a table surrounded by the crowds.

10.35pm — Woody Deck is next to leave after holding queens on a flop of 6-8-6. His opponent held 8-6.

10.24pm — EPT Warsaw runner-up Ricardo Sousa just busted, his K-9 against pocket tens on a J-J-5-6-7 board.

10:23pm–Ricard Sousa has been eliminated.

10:22pm–Luca Pagano has just eliminated fellow Italian Domenico Tinnirello.

10:16pm–Maxime Villemure has the sniffles. Actually, he has a full-blown cold. Still, the PokerStars player who has made it into the money here says, “I’m fine.” What he didn’t know was that last year’s champion, Gavin Griffin, had a cold when he won. Hearing this news seems to perk the young Canadian right up. Players are now back from break.

10.05pm — Results so far

Finishing with € 21,000

65th James Campbell (PokerStars qualifier)
66th Giovanni Nervo
67th Jan Heitmann (PokerStars Sponsored Player)
68th George Lind (PokerStars qualifier)
69th Tom Ahlberg
70th Ian Prevost (PokerStars qualifier)
71st Torbjörn Jonsson
72nd Giovanni Bigom

Finishing with €17,000

73rd Morten Lokken
74th Tommi Hörkkö
75th Benjamin Kang (PokerStars Sponsored Player)
76th William Martin
77th Sean Bruder (PokerStars qualifier)
78th Felipe Ramos
79th Ed De Haas
80th Trond-Erik Eidsvig

10:02pm–The extended color-up break goes on. The tournament staff are also taking some time to build some specialized rails to accomodate both the press and the players. It was starting to get a tad tight inside the ropes. As these are not desperate times (at least for us), no more desperate measures are required. Fifty-four players remain. We’ll be playing down to 40 before breaking for the night.

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