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12.55am — A double elimination takes us down to 39 players and closes play on day three. A three-way all-in developed with a raise on the button by Denes Kalo holding pocket kings, a re-raise all-in by Michael Carvin with ace-nine, and a re-re-raise by Stephen Kjaerstad with ace-queen, perhaps thinking Kalo would get out of his way. Nope, Kalo called for a massive hand.

The table held everyone’s attention as the dealer dealt the board – 3-T-J-T-2. The kings held, a roar of approval filled the room as 39 players end the third day of play.

12.37am — 41 players remain. When we reach 40 play will stop for the day.

12.36am — It’s a simple case of A-K vs. pocket sevens. Pierre Hall is all in with ace-king, whilst Robin Keston holds the sevens. The flop brings another seven, giving Keston a set. The turn is a river. “Yes!” cries a friend of Pierre’s on the rail. “No!” calls back Pierre “I need a set.” A jack hit the turn, no set for Pierre, out in 42nd place.

12:25am–Today had been a painful and slow decline for Joe Hachem. Just minutes ago he was down to 104,000. A raise from Jonathan Dwek to 17,000 was good enough for Hachem to get it in. Dwek thought for a bit before calling the bet. Hachem flipped pocket jacks. Dwek winced and turned over his pocket sevens. A Dwek fan on the rail (and that is being polite) started calling for a seven. Sure enough, there it was in the door. “Seven ball!” called the railbird. Hachem sighed and waited. Then came the turn. 21…black jack.

Hachem exploded in a way that almost looked primal. He then might have said something or other the railbird. We’ll just leave that part alone.

Dwek took the re-suck well and Hachem offered a sincere handshake. Dwek hand Hachem well covered, so both are still playing with 42 players remaining.


12.18am — Johnny Lodden just pushed in, forcing a fold to take a pot in excess of 100K and keep his tournament hopes alive.

12.01am — Results so far

Finishing with € 33,700

46th Martin Mikai Rask
47th Borge Dypvik (PokerStars qualifier)
48th Andreas Hagen

Finishing with € 29,400

49th Mark Keightley
50th Benjamino Speroni
51st Gordon Vayo (PokerStars qualifier)
52nd Woody Deck
53rd Ricardo Sousa
54th Domeniko Tinni
55th Sorel Mizzi
56th Kari Somer

Finishing with € 25,200

57th Sami-Pekka Ovaskainen
58th Massou Cohen
59th Matthew Kurtz
60th Cyril Bensoussan
61st Brian Green
62nd Kalil Rahal
63rd Clayton Maguire
64th Nikolaus Ponopoulu

Finishing with € 21,000

65th James Campbell (PokerStars qualifier)
66th Giovanni Nervo
67th Jan Heitmann (PokerStars Sponsored Player)
68th George Lind (PokerStars qualifier)
69th Tom Ahlberg
70th Ian Prevost (PokerStars qualifier)
71st Torbjörn Jonsson
72nd Giovanni Bigom

Finishing with €17,000

73rd Morten Lokken
74th Tommi Hörkkö
75th Benjamin Kang (PokerStars Sponsored Player)
76th William Martin
77th Sean Bruder (PokerStars qualifier)
78th Felipe Ramos
79th Ed De Haas
80th Trond-Erik Eidsvig

12:00am–Players are coming back from break at the 3000/6000/500 level.

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