Players have re-started at the 3000/6000/500 level. If you’re following the action throughout the day you can press refresh for the latest news which will appear at the top of each post. You can also keep tabs on the latest chip counts here. Winner information is available here.

4:00pm–Players on break

3:55pm–Antonio Esfandiari has just won another large pot. Rami Boukai had raised to 23K preflop and Antonio called. Both check the flop of Qs-7s-6d. The 4d on the turn and Antonio bets 30K which Rami called. 9s on the river and Rami bet 80K. Antonio raised to 200K total and Rami made a crying call. KsJs for Antonio and Rami showed pocket 9s.

3.47pm — Next hand for Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme and a big raise before him from David Miara, 65K. Raymond leans back in his chair, smiles over at his wife on the rail, leans forward again and pushes all-in. “I think I’ve overstayed my welcome in Europe” he jokes, but it’s been a great trip – a cash at the EPT San Remo last week and another here in the Grand Final. Miara calls showing aces. For Raymond pocket queens.

An ace on the flop puts it beyond Raymond, who had a brief stay of execution on the turn when a jack (along with a ten on the flop) gave him outs, but there was no change on the river. Raymond Rahme out in 27th place.


3.45pm — On a flop of Jd9s6h both Johnny Lodden and Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme check to see the Kh on the turn. Raymond makes it 24K whilst Johnny re-raises another 50K on top. It’s a tough on but after a few minutes Raymond folds.

3.32pm — PokerStars qualifier Glen Chorny just took a pot with a bet on the end, his K-J good, taking him up a little more. The Toronto man is being watched by his parents on the rail who are experiencing their first EPT to see what it’s all about.

“It’s a great experience, just like a big sporting event” said Glen’s father Chris. “I don’t play myself, maybe canasta or bridge once in a while, but not very well. I won’t even mention golf!”

Regardless their boy is playing well on table one, with 28 player remaining and a stack of 430K.

3.18pm — David Miara and Johnny Lodden just tangled in a pot. David made it 15K pre-flop which Lodden bumped up with an extra 43K. David called to see the 2s5h2h flop. After both players checked for a turn card 6c David very slowly picked up a selection of chips, stacking them together like he was building a house of cards, pushing 80K into the pot. It was enough to keep Lodden at bay.

3.10pm — PokerStars qualifier Andrew Luetchford is next in line to depart. He moved in with pocket nines only for Max Villemure to wake up with kings. He takes the pot, sending Luetchford out in 29th place.

2:58pm-From the TV table word comes that Freddy Deeb is out. Thomas Boekhoff opened from the button for 23k. Freddy immediately pushed all-in from the small blind only to see American Michael Martin push all-in for substantially more. Thomas stood aside. Freddy turned over AT as Michael showed JJ. Freddy needed an Ace or a miracle combination to survive. The board provided neither.

2:44pm–Another player falls by the wayside. Noah Siegel raises and Anthony Chatelain moves all in for 75K more. Siegel calls and shows As-10s. Anthony shows 99 and we are off to the races. The board is looking good for Anthony with all low cards but the dreaded ace falls on the river.

2:36pm–It’s a raise from Robin Keston in the cutoff. Garasimos Deres pushes all-in from the small blind, then Stefan Geim does the same. Keston mucks an ace and we see 55 for Deres and QQ for Geim. The queens hold and Deres is out.

In the meantime, in TV table action the new arrival from Spain wasted little time getting involved. Pablo raised to 23k (blinds 2000-4000) from the hijack seat and it folded to Vincent Secher in the big blind. Vincent pushed for 65k more with little hesitation. Pable thought it over and made the call. It was TT for Pablo and JJ for Vincent. The board changed nothing.

You might remember, up until last night Secher was sleeping in a tent because he couldn’t get a hotel room. PokerStars took care of that last night by getting him a hotel room here. Secher showed up today in one of the hotel’s bath robes. For more on the guy we call The Tent, see this video blog.

2.33pm — Sitting on table four is Stefan Geim of Germany who won his seat on a freeroll. Over the last few days his week has continued to get better, first by making the money, second by making day four and now he just doubled up for the second time today – both times with pocket sixes.

Stefan is about to become a father in the next two weeks so wherever he finishes the money should come in useful. Maybe because they realise how much babies costs the others are respecting his raises – he did so eight times yesterday without a caller. But Garasimos Deres did just now, and Geim goes on.

2:25pm–Check out this pre-game chat with Team PokerStars Pro Ray Rahme.

2:23pm–During the break a couple of changes were made on the TV table. Moroccan Mostafa Belkhayate joined the table in seat 8 next to Joe Hachem. Johnathan Dwek’s seat was filled with Pablo Ublerna of Spain.

2:20pm–Players are back from break. The TV table is getting re-situated. Check out EPT Live for streaming coverage.

2.07pm — Players take a 15 minute break.

2.06pm — Papa Pagano just called the all-in of David Kruger who pushed with A-T. Claudio had pocket jacks. A jack on the flop brought David’s run to a close at the end of the level. Kruger is out shortly thereafter.

2:04pm–We have just had a monster pot on table 2. With the pot at 170K, David Kruger pushed all-in on a flop of 5c-9d-5d. Stig Rasmussen eventually made the call and turned over 77. Qd-10d for David which gave him two overs and the flush draw. 6s on the utrn and 8c on the river means David is down to 60K. Stig, sitting next to chipleader Antonio is is now a contender for the chip lead.

We have just lost Johnathan Dwek from the TV table. He missed his flush draw and was eliminated by Thomas Boekhoff

2:02pm–In TV table action Thomas Boekhoff added to his stack as his QJ held up. Jonathan Dwek made a standard button open raise and was called by Thomas and Freddy Deeb. They saw a flop of 5c 7d 5s. All three checked. The turn brought the Qh and Thomas bet out 30k. Freddy called and Jonathan folded. A 4h fell on the river prompting Thomas to fire again, 40k this time. Freddy gave it a lot of thought before calling the bet. Thomas showed QJ and Freddy mucked his hand.

1.52pm — There’s already a Q-8-8-2 board on the table when Isaac Baron moved in with pocket kings, called by Gerasimov Deres with Q-J. A slight pause to allow TV cameras to catch up before a meaningless deuce on the river. Baron doubles up, and is immediately moved to table two.

1:49pm–Bust outs coming faster than we can report them now. Here’s a quick recap…

35. Alexander Morozov
36. Ben Sprengers (AQ falls to AT)
37. Anders Berg
38. Tomas Brolin
39. Andreas Fluri (KT vs. Johnny Lodden’s AK)


Anders Berg

1.37pm — Thomas Brolin has become the latest faller, moving all-in with A-K. “Do you want me to call?” asked Esfandiari. “I don’t know” was the response.

“You really don’t know?” Antonio called anyway to know for sure, turning over A-Q. He got his queen on the flop, busting Brolin in 38th place.

1:33pmJoe Hachem doubles–After losing 18000 on the first hand of the day Joe Hachem has just doubled up. Facing an oversized raise to 33K, Joe pushed all in. His opponent Andrew Luetschford called and showed JJ. Joe flipped over QQ and after an extended wait for the cameras the flop came down 8c-4d-9d. No help for Andrew on the turn or river and Joe moves to close to 500K. No emotion from Joe as he scooped the pot…this is not the first time he has been in this situation.


Joe Hachem

1:30pm–We love that you’re here. We really do. We like it when you show up. Thousands upon thousands of you showed up yesterday. Still, we can’t help but point you to some great alternatives for your internet pleasure. EPT Live is streaming as we speak and features Table 5 with the likes of Luca Pagano, Freddy Deeb, and Anders Berg. Also, check out the announcement below about the beta launch of–the newest internet TV station dedicated to poker.

1.26pm — The first all-in of the day called, Andreas Fluri eliminated holding K-T against the A-K of Johnny Lodden. Three minutes and we’re down to 38.

1:22pm–Players have returned to play for the day. We’ll be p laying down to the final table of eight.

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