The dinner break has arrived after four levels, for some anyway. With such a large field the room has been split into two groups. The first group gets a 15 minute break, the other group gets a one hour dinner break. When they return the first group will do the same.

Team PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy…

“I have 10,400. I was up to about 18 but I made a mistake on one hand – the mistake was I paid the guy off!


Team PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy

“Actually I moved in on him! I raised in the cut-off with Q-T of clubs, the guy on the button called with A-5 of diamonds. The flop came queen high, with all diamonds. So I bet, he called but he was short-stacked so I moved in for 4k more on him…. course he had the nuts..! Go easy – I didn’t have to lose all that!

“But I like it here. And I live in Las Vegas so I feel like I’m at home with all the cactus!”

Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano…

“It’s going very well; I have more than 40k. I had pocket queens and they held up. I have a highly aggressive player on my left so basically that was my plan – I gave up a couple of times with him, I played weak with him. I was hoping he would do everything by himself and that’s what he did. He was bluffing on the turn with open ended, and I had queens and that was a very big pot. And when you have chips everything is easier.


Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano

“It’s not easy to concentrate- almost impossible! I’m really surprised I’m still in the tournament, I can tell you!”

John Duthie talked to the video blog team about bringing the EPT to Italy, the part Luca Pagano played in bringing the event to San Remo and a word or two about how the Italians play their poker…

For latest chip counts at the dinner break click here.

Photos © Neil Stoddart

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