Felipe Ramos was eliminated by Anthony Lellouche in 13th place shortly before the dinner break, having scrapped with the Frenchman earlier on for the majority of his stack. It was a simple case of sixes for Ramos, sevens for Lellouche which put an end to Brazils’ hope of its first EPT champion. Felipe Ramos out in 13th place for € 22,400.

Back from the break and four more eliminations were all that stood between this point and the final table. Denmark’s Jonas Klausen would be shown the door in 12th place just minutes after play restarted, moving in from the small blind. J-8 of clubs for Isaac Baron against Klausen’s pocket sixes. Two clubs on the flop and a third on the turn gave Baron the flush. Klausen out in 12th place for € 28,750.


Isaac Baron

Despite raking in the pot that sent Klausen out Isaac Baron couldn’t prevent his tournament ending in 11th place. The American tangled with Dag Palovic before his exit hand, a melee that left him with few options but to move in. Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri was the man to bust him.

Baron moved in with A-8 with Dario calling and showing A-Q. No help came to the American, out within touching distance of tomorrow’s final; out for € 28,750.

As reported yesterday Brandon Schaefer, as well as other distinguished pros, regard Isaac Baron as one of the best players in the world. Those same people dub Mark Flowers to be his closest rival. But alas, neither player will make the final table with Flowers eliminated in 10th place.

A few minutes prior he lost a bundle of chips to Dario Minieri, a pot that had left him with limited options and he pushed in with pocket threes. Dag Palovic had discovered pocket kings and made the call. No three made its way to the board and Flowers was out with € 46,300.

Whilst all the seriousness went on in the card room the video blog team explored an untapped element of the game – the poker playing lookalikes…

Photos © Neil Stoddart

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