As reported several times in the blog this week Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme never wavered from his particular style of poker. It’s a style distinguished by one key feature – it’s successful. He was all-in a few times on day one, and more on day two, but his plan of attack remained the same, even after the bad beats – get chips and keep building.


Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme

Alas, his tournament came to an end a short time ago, the book closed on a great debut EPT for Rahme that taught the young guys a thing or two, even if they would never want to admit it. Easy to pick out on the tournament floor thanks to his white hair you always knew whether Ray was in a hand by whether or not he had his glasses on.

On day one he was down to 19k with his aim two hours from the end of getting through on about the same. Instead he returned and raked in the pots, finishing the day with double. The same happened today, almost like a switch clicking on. Tired of being bullied off pots he took chances when they came up not flinching from the plan even after a pot with fellow Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri that nearly decimated his stack. A short time after that hit he was back up to more than he’d had originally.

All-in now though he had fours to his opponent’s aces. Always a long shot he got no help from the board and his EPT San Remo was over.

“I had a go at it! It was a good day and I’ll be in Monte Carlo.”

Results so far…

Eliminated for € 11,200

35th — Nicolo Calia — Italy — 11,200
36th — Sandro Soncini — Italy — 11,200
37th — Dennis Doran — Denmark — 11,200
38th — Marius Bobinas — Lithuania — 11,200
39th — Asger Boye — Denmark — 11,200
40th — Cristian Ragala — 11,200

Eliminated for € 9,600

41st — Andrea Cortona — Italy
42nd — Alessio Isaia — Italy
43rd — Raymond Rahme — South Africa — Team PokerStars Pro
44th — Giampiero Coccio — Italy
45th — Henrik Kask — Sweden
46th — Rolf Slotboom — Netherlands
47th — Rob Hollink — Netherlands
48th — Hans Eskilsson — Sweden

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