Anthony Lellouche didn’t look too good when he called Stefan Raffay’s all-in. He had kings to Stefan’s’ tens but was in no mood to assume anything, his face preferring to wait to make sure. He needn’t have worried. His kings held and sent Stefan out.

Marcus Golser is also out, falling short of a second EPT final table whilst William Thorson doubled up with K-J making for a rare moment when he jumped up out of his chair in relief.


William Thorson

No so for Irishman Peter Roche. On a flop of Qc-6d-4c he moved all-in with Kc-Jc only for Eric Koskas to call with 8c-6c. Both had a flush draw but crucially Eric had the six, putting him ahead. Roche needed help which didn’t come, another faller.

Previous eliminations…

For € 16,000

23rd — Christian Bonde — Norway — PokerStars qualifier
24th — Todd Brunson — US


For € 12,800

25th — Terje Augdal — Norway
26th — Julian Parmann — US — PokerStars qualifier
27th — Ville Nyman — Finland — PokerStars qualifier

28th — Ezio Guagliata — Italy
29th — Mads Wissing Andersen — Denmark
30th — Marco Della Monica — Italy
31st — Paul Alterman — UK

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