From the start Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu’s table looked a difficult one. It featured PokerStars Sponsored Player Jan Heitmann for one and Mark Petersen (final table EPT Copenhagen Season two) for another, as well as Thor Hansen sitting opposite.

Thor had the same problem as Daniel though, that of being hamstrung by a short stack – just over 10k in Daniel’s case. But well rested, watered and fed, Daniel was ready to give it a go.


Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu

Naturally the press had gathered around his table long before the double up. Like crowds gathering for an execution he had cameras in his face from all angles, getting shots in before what they deemed his inevitable demise. But sometimes even the best players in the world find a bit of luck.

With blinds at 500/1,000 with a 100 ante, there was a bet of 2,600 from Petersen. Next to act, Daniel began talking to himself, a light hearted evaluation of the whole scene, concluding with a decision to push. Mark called showing red aces.

Daniel got ready to leave, laughing as he turned over his A-3. 7-4-7 on the flop – Daniel now resigned to spending the rest of the day in the sun. Then a five on the turn.

“Hey, a six or a deuce..!” he said and the six promptly hit the river. “Whoa! That’s so sick, sorry man..!” by now back in his seat. “Well played, right?”


Just then Peter Jepson came over to check on Daniel, “Don’t mess with him” he said joking, pointing at Mark.

“I just did!”

“Tell him not to do that again please…” says Mark… “tell him not to do that again…”

A few laughs in the early stages with Daniel up to 21,700. So it was disappointing to see him walking the other way from the tournament floor. The comeback was over.


A-K against A-Q was the hand, with a queen on the flop. Next stop Monte Carlo for Daniel…

Meanwhile Thor Hansen busted out, queens against A-T which turned into a straight on the river. Pascal Perrault is also gone, losing a big hand against American Liz Lieu, her A-Q outkicking the Frenchman’s A-J.

Liz Lieu chatted with the video blog team before playing today…

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