Before the dinner break we said goodbye to Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano, who’s seemed unable to pick up where he’d left off on day one.

Then things began to move fast. Ten minutes of the fifteenth level is all it took to break the money mark with one of the overnight chip leaders Eric Koskas sending Evert Jan Dongergoor to the rail in quick time. Whilst Evert left with nothing, his disappointment provided joy for 72 others who are each guaranteed at least € 5,750.

This means good news for the likes of Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme, playing and cashing in his first EPT. Despite a setback in a hand against Dario Minieri’s aces he stuck with his earlier momentum and now sits with a stack of 85k – not bad for a table featuring Anthony Lellouche on 120k, Rob Hollink and of course Dario Minieri on 75k.


PokerStars Sponsored Player Johannes Strassmann

PokerStars Sponsored players Johannes Strassmann and Jan Heitmann are doing their chances no harm. Johannes has 130k whilst Jan sits with 140k. PokerStars qualifier Brandon Schaefer has 65k and will record his fourth EPT cash.

Londoner Paul Alterman was facing a raise by Denmark’s Theo Jorgensen. The Danish chip tricker, already enjoying his 3rd cash finish in an EPT event raised three times the big blind from early position. Alterman, brother of Ashley and a regular face on the British poker scene since the early 90s, was in mid position and smoothly re-raised to 20,000, getting Jorgensen ‘s full attention in the process . The Dane, holding Ace Queen, gave it a shortish dwell before waving all-in – a raise of a further 40k.

Alterman counted out a third of his chips, pushed them into the middle and turned over ace-king. A raggy flop and Jorgensen was soon asking tournament director Thomas Kremser what compensation he was due for a 70th place finish (€5,750). Alterman, now on around 140k, is aiming higher.


Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri – complete with AS Roma scarf… and chips

Whilst Ashley took comfort in that, Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri, who earlier today had to contend with some shaky ground, just doubled up again – first notification being the roar of “Si! Si!” from a close friend of Dario who grabbed him for a hug. Dario’s stack has now swelled to 200k – the hand being jacks against 4-5. It seems hard to work out how there could be a home turf advantage in poker but it may just exist in Dario’s case.

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