Minutes left on the day and Dario Minieri, who had built his stack up from 3k to over 30k had a setback when he called Rolf Slotboom’s all-in. The Dutchman showed his pocket aces, ahead of Dario’s pocket kings which were crushed by an ace on the turn. It cost Dario a stack of blues which may yet see him out on day 1a.

Christian Oman, who made the final table of the PokerStars.com EPT Warsaw two weeks ago, has also been eliminated in level nine – A-Q against A-K. His tournament is over.

Fewer than 100 players remain as we close in on nine levels. It’s the same again tomorrow as notable railbirds are only too aware. Soren Jensen of EPT Copenhagen fame is here, so too Arnaud Mattern and Team PokerStars Pro ‘ElkY’ Grospellier. Fabrice Soullier adds to the growing number of Frenchman in the crowd, along with German Marcel Baran and Thierry van der Berg from Holland.

A few hands to play out and that’s day 1a in the bag.

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