Action switches from two tables to the one table of nine and we’re just one elimination from our EPT San Remo final table.

There’s a raise from William Thorson which is re-raised all-in by Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri who has been the figurehead in this third day with all big hands seeming to orbit around him.


William Thorson

William went into a deep think on this one whilst Dario rose from his chair and walked around in the shadows of the TV set, talking with friends on the rail.

“A few years ago it was my dream to play with you,” said Dario coming back to face William. It was a touching moment of hero recognition from Dario but as far as William was concerned it was just a shame he was admitting this now.

“I need one more minute” replied William, who then added “I know you’re crazy but are you stupid? Will you show if I fold?”


Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri

“I can’t tell! You’d give me the same answer..!” said Dario, the apprentice firing back at the master. But then a sudden U-turn. “I’ll show you… you’ll tell me what you have?”

In the end neither players would show. With too much at stake William finally mucked his cards. Another victory for Dario in so many ways.

It was fast becoming a tense last stage and another big hand would grip the table.


PokerStars qualifier Jason Mercier

PokerStars qualifier Jason Mercier raised only for fellow qualifier Eric Koskas to re-raise. Jason called and they saw the flop come 7h-Ts-9s which was checked by both. The turn was the five of hearts which Eric checked again. But this time Jason pushed in making it a colossal call to the Frenchman.

It took some time but Koskas passed. No one wants to leave on the TV-bubble – still nine players in the EPT San Remo.

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