Winning a EPT is one thing, but winning it as well as organising it in the first place would be something else entirely. That’s the achievement available to one player – Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano. He has to win first though. He can worry about that later though as he began level two with close to 15k.


Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano

He gets involved in a hand with Italian Sandro Bellusci sat next to him who owns perhaps the biggest lucky charm on the EPT. I can only describe it as a miniature drum, on top of which is the figure of some kind of harlequin clinging onto a big red horn. Perhaps a picture would be better…


The lucky charm…

Luca called his bet of 725 for a flop of 6-J-4. Sandro bet out again, 1,225 this time, breathing heavily as he waited for Luca to act – a simple act in the end, one of folding. Luca was having none of it, Sandro showing J-9.

His countryman and Team PokerStars Pro team mate Dario Minieri just lost a chunk of his stack, doubling up an opponent, leaving himself with what he started with. Also Las Vegas’ Patrick Antonius is also out, K-7 against K-9 with nines on the turn and river.

“I notice we have 700 runners, not 500?” said Dustin Mele as I passed him. “Nice – worth winning!”

Dustin just took a step towards that, winning a big pot with K-6 against his opponents K-7. Dustin was raising all the way and was re-raised on the river. A six hit the flop and the river to add to the passport winner’s stack.

Not so good for Tony Cascarino. The Irishman went out, flipping in his last 1,250 with pocket tens only to be called by pocket queens. He busted to the soundtrack of Sandro Bellusci on the other table doubling up with pocket kings. He’d moved his stack, and the drum and harlequin into the middle – getting them back with interest.

Kara Scott has a recap from earlier during the break and as far as wardrobe choice is concerned it’s not one you want to miss…

Photos © Neil Stoddart

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