With just two tables left, Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri took a hit, calling PokerStars Sponsored player Jan Heitmann’s all-in. The German showed A-8 whilst Dario had pocket queens. It looked like a standard manoeuvre from Dario about to overtake a few more but the flop was brutal, bringing an ace and an eight to double Jan up.


Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri

Bart Wetsteijn also doubled up, this time against Mike Sowers also holding A-8. Bart had A-Q and neither player caught anything on the board. It was to be short lived joy for Sowers who would leave soon after, all in with T-9, called by Jan Heitmann with T-4 of hearts. The flop brought two hearts, the turn a third, sending the American to the rail.

And then another big hand for Dario, against Jan Heitmann once more this time in with pocket-fives on a flop of 2-4-J. The flop though had been kind to Dario who showed J-3. Another river of the jack for Dario giving the locals here something to cheer about and bringing Dario back from his earlier set back.

The end of the road for Jan? Not quite. Resigned to acting fast he made a do or die move with Q-8, called by Henrik Brockmann with A-J. The flop looked likely to leave him hanging, bringing as it did A-9-5. But interestingly there were two clubs and when the turn brough another club Jan had outs, holding as he did the queen of clubs. A touch of good fortune for the German on the river with the arrival of the two of clubs. Jan scores an unlikely double up to keep his hopes alive.

Recent eliminations, all for € 16,000

17th — Mike Sowers — USA — PokerStars qualifier
18th — Peter Roche — Ireland
19th — Marcello Terracciano — Italy — PokerStars qualifier
20th — Stefan Raffay — Denmark
21st — Markus Golser — Austria
22nd — Andreas Larsson — Sweden

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