If you want an idea of what colour the buildings are here in San Remo put it this way – think of the colour you’d paint a room in your house to get that summer feel. Then, take that colour and slap it on your outside walls – that’s how San Remo appears on any given day.


The early afternoon glimpse of all things daylight in town will be tinged with an extra sense of anticipation for 31 players returning to Casino today, for they are the last of 701 who started the PokerStars.com EPT San Remo on day one, and today their task is a mighty one.

Between them and a return tomorrow stand 23 eliminations as well as ‘man most likely’ PokerStars qualifier Jason Mercier of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who holds the chip lead today, with 684k.

Behind him are two formidable stacks in the possession first of PokerStars qualifier Eric Koskas of France on 596k, and the volatile attack-player known as Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri, who lurks close by on 595k. Just behind them is Jonas Klausen on 529k.

Day three also heralds the arrival of the EPT Live team, bringing coverage from today’s action all the way through to tomorrow and the final table. It gives you the chance to follow the action yourself as it happens, and see whether Mercier keeps up the pressure from the front, or if PokerStars qualifier Marcello Terracianno can turn his short stack into something beautiful, starting as he does today with just 57k.


The Casino San Remo

All that lies ahead of us and coverage begins at 3pm via the EPT Live page.

That’s that then – 31 playing down to eight. By the end of the day we should have our final table and a good look at those likely to be crowned the first EPT San Remo champion.

Here’s how the players line up…

Table 1

Isaac Baron — US — 181,000
Jason Mercier — US — PokerStars qualifier — 684,000
Ezio Guagliata — Italy — 123,000
Andreas Larsson — Sweden — 152,000
Markus Golser — Austria — 213,000
Mike Sowers — US — PokerStars qualifier — 275,000
William Thorson — Sweden — 320,000

Kara Scott caught up with PokerStars qualifier Jason Mercier earlier today…

Table 2

Eric Koskas — France — PokerStars qualifier — 596,000
Mads Wissing Andersen — Denmark — 120,000
Christian Bonde — Norway — PokerStars qualifier — 106,000
Gregory Genovese — Italy — 247,000
Marco Della Monica — Italy — 69,000
Peter Roche — Ireland — 219,000
Marcello Terracciano –Italy — PokerStars qualifier — 57,000
Julian Parmann — US — PokerStars qualifier — 138,000

Table 3

Jonas Klausen — Denmark — PokerStars qualifier — 589,000
Todd Brunson — US — 144,000
Ville Nyman — Finland — PokerStars qualifier — 61,000
Dag Palovic — Slovakia — 264,000
Mark Flowers — US — 197,000
Johannes Strassman — Germany — PokerStars sponsored player — 255,000
Marcus Bower — US — PokerStars qualifier — 173,000

Felipe Ramos — Brazil — 129,000

Marcus Golser and PokerStars Sponsored player Johannes Strassmann talked with Kara Scott before taking their seats…

Table 4

Dario Minieri — Italy — Team PokerStars Pro — 595,000
Henrik Brockmann — Germany — PokerStars qualifier — 119,000

Terje Augdal — Norway — 139,000
Jan Heitmann — Germany — 255,000
Antony Lellouche — France — 282,000
Paul Alterman — UK — 87,000
Stefan Raffay — Denmark — 124,000
Bart Wetsteijn — Holland — 101,000

Jan Heitmann has had a great EPT San Remo so far and he talked to Kara Scott about his plans for today…

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