Dave Colclough is out in level three; a couple of big hands sending him to the rail, although some would say that with the number of times he’s finished on the bubble this was the humane option.


Dave Colclough (right) next to Andy Black before his elimination

With a name like Brynja Bjorg-Sassoon you can’t help stopping by his table to see how things are going. Not great, but not bad for the Swede who over the last two hours has watched his table grow more fierce. First, internet dynamo Sorel Mizzi arrived, then the fearless William Thorson. The table already featured Pascal Perrault and Andreas Hagen. Still, even with a hand lost to Thorson as I dropped in the Swede is still on average health.


Brynja Bjorg-Sassoon

The same goes for Mohamed-Azam Razab-Sekh. He’s on a table devoid of the players that attract crowds, using upthe fresher air from the no-smoking zone. It allows play to progress at a steady and quiet pace – something Greg Raymer’s table is now experiencing now they don’t have Greg Raymer next to them anymore. The Team PokerStars Pro is out thanks to one of those rotten deals – ace-king against ace-king. Sadly for Greg the board was greased with four cards to match the suit of his opponent’s king. This brazen regicide sending the former World Champ out in the early levels.


Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer

Meanwhile things haven’t gone too well for the other Team PokerStars Pro playing today, Luca Pagano. Luca is still in but his stack is a lot shorter now he’s sent a chunk over to Soren Kongsgaard; a tens against kings situation.

Latest chip counts…

Andy Black – Ireland– 18 K
Claus Nielsen – Denmark — 18 K
Ghena Dawoud – Sweden — 16 K
Michael Högbom – Sweden — 16 K
Reijo Manninen – Finland — 15 K
Michael Tureniec – Sweden — 15 K
Christopher Ulsrud – Norway — 15 K
Andreas Hagen – Norway — 15 K
Thomas Wahlroos – Finland — 13 K
Mads Andersen – Denmark — 13 K
Pascal Perrault – France — 12 K
Theo Jörgensen – Denmark — 11 K
Sören Kongsgaard – Denmark — 11 K
Petri Pietila – Finland — 11 K
William Thorson – Sweden — 10 K
Kenneth Mattsson – Sweden — 10 K
Luca Pagano – Italy – Team PokerStars Pro — 9 K
Liz Lieu – United States — 9 K
Henrik Gwinner –Denmark — 9 K
Thor Hansen – Norway — 8 K
Thierry Van Den Berg – Holland — 8 K
Stephan Kjerstad – Norway — 7 K
Henrik Lennholm – Sweden — 5 K
Johnny Lodden – Norway — 5 K
Magnus Söderholtz – Sweden — 5 K
Sorel Mizzi – United States — 4 K
Niclas Mattsson – Sweden — 4 K

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