Players and reporters have just finished their dinner break and the swift-footed know to get to the restaurant five minutes before the official end of the level to reserve the best table and/or first place in the buffet queue.

But by the time we made it downstairs here in the Hyatt Regency, Warsaw, two tables were already taken. The Austrian player Markus Golser had one, and Mika Paasonen, a final table finisher in Barcelona last year, had another. Each had very short stacks deep into level four and it didn’t take a genius to figure they must have busted.

It was a similar miserable story – without the dinner – for Luca Pagano, who could not recover from that crippling blow dished out by Sebastian Ruthenberg earlier.

But dinner is down now and play has resumed. There are fewer than 100 left and three levels to slice them further. As ever all the details are here.


In happier times, Luca Pagano chatted to our video blog team about his expectations in Warsaw. He was confident about a decent result back then, and although some bitter fortune and Sebastian Ruthenberg may have cost him that opportunity, he was also keen to get out and about to do some sightseeing in the Polish capital. He now has plenty o time for that. Every cloud and all that:

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