Sorel Mizzi, who stormed to a massive lead two weeks ago in Budapest before freefalling in spectacular fashion was moved in the last level to fill a gap in Roland de Wolfe’s table. Now he’s been moved again, back to the seat he left with Alex Kravchenko, Marino Serenelli and Johannes Strassmann for company.

Much in the same way as Sorel Mizzi is picking up where he left off two weeks ago, but nursing a crippled stack, Marino Serenelli, who finished fifth in Budapest, is doing the same by moving all-in every few hands. Granted, the Italian didn’t get to this stage until the last day back then, but he’s delivering his moves with the same panache and celebrating with equal fervour.

_MG_0269_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Sorel Mizzi with Marino Serenelli to his right

“All-eens” he says as he pushes his chips in. Followed by emphatic sounding words like “vittoria” and “sempre” when he wins the showdown. I may have spelled those words wrong but Marino was pretty clear with the meaning.

First it came with pocket kings, called down by Mizzi who himself is now left with little more than 3,000. The next came in a prolonged hand that saw the clock called on two players, each with the decision to call. Whilst the first player passed the second called, but with the way Serenelli works he should have known better. The big Italian had flopped the second nut flush, romping to another double up and the comparative safety of an average stack.

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