No one is quite sure what happened, but in the space of twenty minutes nine players were eliminated, reducing the tournament from three tables to two in quick time.

Dan Pedersen finished next in 23rd place ahead of Henrik Gwinner and Italian Piergiorgio D’ancona. PokerStars qualifier Ken Hicks Jr. went next, capping off a great performance by him for his second cash in season four – he moved with A-K but ran into Ricardo Sousa in the midst of a tear, holding pocket queens. Craig Hopkins, the PokerStars qualifier form the UK, followed him soon after, out in 18th place.


PokerStars qualifier William Johnson


Ricardo Sousa

Ricardo Sousa is getting everyone’s attention with a run of cards that even he is having trouble coping with, joking with the rail that he favours cash games more than a tournaments. He was responsible for PokerStars qualifier William Johnson’s exit, pocket fours against William’s K-Q. A queen and a four on the flop kept William’s hopes alive, but standing up and seeing a hoard of cameras pointed towards him, he waved and said “See y’all” before leaving the tournament.

The results so far…

15th — William Johnson — USA — PokerStars qualifier — Zl57,440
16th — Seppo Parkkinen — Finland — Zl57,440
17th — Christoffer Sonesson — Sweden — Zl43,080
18th — Craig Hopkins — UK — PokerStars qualifier — Zl43,080
19th — Janusz Petlic — Poland — Zl43,080
20th — Kenneth Hicks Jr — USA — PokerStars qualifier — Zl43,080
21th — Piergiorgio D’ancona — Italy — 43,080
22nd — Henrik Gwinner — Denmark — Zl43,080
23rd — Dan Pedersen — Denmark — Zl43,080
24th — Andy Black — Ireland — Zl43,080
25th — Andreas Hagen — Norway — Zl28,720
26th — Raul Paez — Spain — Zl28,720

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