The closing stages of day 1a and a final five hands to finish the day – and all as table line ups begun to get interesting. Julian Thew, armed with a beer, switched tables to sit opposite Trond Eidsvig, whilst behind him Daniel Ryan sat with Magnus Petersson and Daniel Carter, as well as two of the biggest stacks on the day.


Trond Eidsvig

PokerStars qualifier James Honeybone of New Zealand looks set to reach his early waypoint of surviving the day. He came through a post dinner stumble to regain a 30k foothold ready for day two. Christoffer Sonesson, he of the early double up fame, ended on a high note after a day that included some impressive lay downs. He added a few thousands more near to the close of play with an excellent read with ace-high.

But mantel of most relaxed player at the end of the day goes to American Aleksandr Gorelik. As reported to us by Danny Ryan, who sat alongside him for most of the day, Gorelik was into an alleged fourth hour of a massage, and his second masseuse, presumably having worn out the first. He was still getting his head squeezed as the last five hands were dealt.

But if that’s what it takes to survive then so be it. Play on day 1a comes to a close.

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