With silver studded baseball cap, silver rimmed sunglasses and metallic headphones, you could be forgiven for thinking that Bertrand Grospellier is part machine. He’s not; he just plays like one, already ahead to the tune of 40,000.

ElkY has been going through a patch of form that only turns your head when he busts out. He won the PCA last year and has since won a WPT event. I suspect the only reason he didn’t win in Budapest was because of a chronic lack of sleep.

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Team PokerStars Pro ElkY

Now whenever the Frenchman raises pre-flop everybody folds. Once, twice, three times. Maybe you could do this while asleep?

Whilst he marches on his fellow Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano has not been so fortunate. After a wicked pot against shooting star Sebastian Ruthenberg the Player of the Year has departed. He was followed shortly after by Markus Golser.

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Team PokerStars Pro

Faring better is Isabelle Mercier, who is now playing hands standing up, her nodding to the music gathering momentum with each pot won, including another just taken from a disappointed looking Nicolas Levi.
Dario Minieri on the other hand just tried to whistle his way through a bluff, betting on a full board with nothing only to be chased down by Patric Martenssen.

That takes us to the dinner break.


ElkY may be out front today but yesterday was all about Johnny Lodden. Nico Behling saw Lodden’s rise up the leaderboard from very close quarters, as he explains to the video blog team…

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