In order to better capture the fast and furious action here, we’re reverting to time-stamped, level-by-level commentary.

This post contains the lates action from level 16, with blinds at 2,000-4,000 (400 ante). Latest chip counts are on the chip count page.

4.15pm: Martesson moving in the right direction
Patric Martensson just doubled up through Atanas Gueorguiev, getting it in with the massive 7-3 and hitting a seven to oust the Bulgarian’s Q-J. That’s the way to play them. That’s also the break, and a new level starts in 15 minutes.

4.10pm: Isabelle Mercier busts
One of two Team PokerStars Pros making the money has just bust. Isabelle Mercier had A-2 and flopped a deuce, but Brian Jensen flopped a pair of kings. That was that for Mercier, who takes just more than €10,000 and leaves Dario Minieri flying the flag.

4.02pm: Potential double winner doubles up
Arnaud Matterm just doubled up from Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle Mercier, keeping his slim hopes of the double alive. Even with the added chips the Frenchman still has just 50,000.

3.50pm: The redraw.

Table 17
1. Sergey Shcherbatskiy
2. Eduard Kapitanov
3. Dario Minieri
4. Andrea Benelli
5. Joao Barbosa
6. Uffe Holm
7. Michael Muheim
8. Nico Behling

Table 18
1. Isabelle Mercier
2. Brian Jensen
3. Atanas Gueorguiev
4. Patric Martenssen
5. Moises Parilla
6. Arnaud Mattern
7. Ludovic Lacay
8. Roland de Wolfe

3.40pm: Down to two tables
PokerStars sponsored player Juan Manuel Pastor is the next to go in 17th place. His departure leaves just 16 players who are now redrawing for seats at the remaining two tables.

3.38pm: Puro purged
Mika Puro’s day just ended. The PokerStars sponsored player pushed in with Ks-Js and was called by Michael Mulheim with pocket tens. No help on the board for the Finn who departs in 18th.

Ahead of the day, Puro talked to the video blog team and described his realistic expectations for day three:

Watch EPT Wasrsaw 08: Interview with Mika Puro on

3.32pm: Behling building
And another double up. This time Nico Behling got it in with 7-7 against Mika Puro’s A-K. No help this time for the big slick and Behling doubles up to about 100,000.

3.30pm: Stand up for Denmark
Uffe Holm just doubled up through Juan Manuel Pastor, flopping an ace and seeing his A-K outdraw the Spaniard’s queens. Cue vocal celebrations from Holm, standing on his chair.

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