Play on the final is underway. We’re in level 20 with blinds at 5,000-10,000 (1,000 ante).

This post contains the latest action from the level, and will also include approximate chip counts throughout play. The official counts, taken at the end of each level, are on the chip count page.

5.38pm: The Bulgarian battle plan
Atanas Gueorgeuiev moves all-in with A-8 on the last hand of the level, a total of 130,000 which Arnaud Mattern called with A-K. It looked to be the last hand for the Bulgarian until the turn brought a rescue eight which doubled him up.

5.30pm: Mineri on the charge, Barbosa slows him down
Dario Minieri raises five hands on the spin and only gets one big-blind defender, Arnaud Mattern. But Mattern checks to the turn and then folds to Minieri’s bet. The board reads 10s-Ac-6c-10d. Joao Barbosa, who seems to be the only player who enjoys tangling with Minieri, then has the audacity to raise the Italian’s blind, making it 33,000 from the small blind. Minieri defends. The flop comes As-10c-Kc and Barbosa bets 39,000. Minieri calls. But both check the turn (7h) and the river (5d) before Barbosa shows pocket fours, which are good.

5.20pm: Latest chip counts
Arnaud Mattern – 410,000
Joao Barbosa – 630,000
Dario Minieri – 610,000
Nico Behling – 310,000
Atanas Gueorguiev – 168,000

5.15pm: Behling taking hits
Joao Barbosa and Nico Behling both check the flop of Ad-Ts-8d. The turn brings a 5s which Barbosa checks, allowing Behling to bet 40,000. Joao immediately check-raises, a raise of 300,000. Behling folds another hand, taking another hit while Barbosa shows Js-9s.

5.05pm: Dario doubles up again
It’s the rarest of beasts – an unraised pot pre-flop – with Dario Minieri making up Nico Behling’s big blind. The flop comes 8s-2s-6h and both players check. The turn is 9s and then it goes crazy: Minieribets 15,000, Behling makes it 60,000, Minieri maes it 143,000 and Behling moves all in, covering Minieri. The Italian is committed and insta-calls, asking Behling: “You got the flush?” Behling shakes his head and shows pocket sixes for a set, Minieri shows T-7 for a straight, but the German still has loads of outs. One of his sixes is a spade, so he’s got the flush draw and the full house draw, but the Ad is a brick. And Minieri is right back in this.

5.01pm: Barbosa building
Minieri was first to bet pre-flop, followed by a raise from Nico Behling, using blue chips to make it 80,000, before Joao Barbosa re-raised all-in to bring the hand to a sudden halt. Barbosa adds 100,000 to his stack.

4.50pm: Quiet period
With five left, things have slowed somewhat. The table short-stack Atanas Gueorguiev just made the only move he really can – all in – after Nico Behling had raised from the button pre-flop. Behling folded. There’s some good table banter, with Joao Barbosa and Dario Minieri reminiscing about that huge hand at the end of day two when Minieri made a hero call with a pair of jacks (second pair, no kicker) to snap off Barbosa’s huge bluff. Other than that, it’s raise and take pre-flop.

4.42pm: Sergey Shcherbatskiy, a PokerStars qualifier from Russia, eliminated in sixth place for €57,475.
Five minutes ago Sergey Shcherbatskiy was in the buffet having dinner at the break, five minutes later he’s out. He moved in with Ad-5h only to be called by Joao Barbosa holding pocket queens. Shcherbatskiy stood as the flop came Js-7h-Tc. The turn card Kc switched what each player was hoping for but the river was a blank. Handshakes and Shcherbatskiy was gone, with a €57,469 improvement on his $7.50 Steps buy-in.

_MG_1582_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Sergey Shcherbatskiy

4.35pm: The players have just returned from the break and their full, official counts have been added to the chip counts page.

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