Play on the final is underway. We’re in level 22 with blinds at 8,000-16,000 (2,000 ante).

This post contains the latest action from the level, and will also include approximate chip counts throughout play. The official counts, taken at the end of each level, are on the chip count page.

9.10pm: Barbosa the bully
Joao Barbosa takes a small pot, raising pre-flop to 44,000, which is called by Behling.The flop is 7h-5s-7h and both players check. The turn is 10h and Behling bets 45,000. Barbosa thinks a while but then raises, making it 190,000. Behling folds.

9.06pm: Coming back
Behling has begun to claw some chips back, from 600K to 730K to 790K. He now has roughly 830K after some smallish pots. That puts Barbosa on around 1,470,000.

9pm: Behling takes one down
Nico Behling just took down a small pot, betting all the way, including pre-flop, on a flushing (hearts) ace-high board. Barbosa got out the way at the turn.

8.50pm: No major moves
A lot of pre-flop betting and folding. This hand is slightly different. Barbosa bets 44,000 in the standard way pre-flop before Behling raises to 120,000. The second Barbosa announces all-in Behling folds.

Approximate chip counts:
Behling – 600,000
Barbosa – 1,590,000

8.40pm: Heads up chip counts
Joao Barbosa: 1,240,000
Nico Behling: 950,000

8.35pm: Dario Minieri, Italy, Team PokerStars Pro eliminated in third place, earning €123,162

That’s the end of the road for Dario Minieri. One hand after he gets a walk in the big blind but looks at pocket jacks, flipped in anguish, Joao Barbosa gives him the action he craved. Barbosa raises from the button, Minieri moves in over the top, his last 180,000 and Barbosa calls. The Portuguese has two black nines, Minieri has two black sevens and the flop helps neither. “Nice hand,” says Dario as he shakes Barbosa’s hand. “Nice to play with you, Dario,” says Nico Behling and he offers his paw. Minieri departs, but it’s a airly safe assumption that he’ll be back.

_MG_1423_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri

8.30pm: Nothing drastic
Nico Behling wins a pot by virtue of re-raising Dario Minieri, making the Italian think for a while before folding. Another 80,000 to the German.

8.20pm: You win some, you lose some
Dario Minieri picks up the first two pots, first open raising from the button to take the blinds, then re-raising from the big blind after Nico Behling opens for 42,000. Minieri then gives Behling a walk in his big blind, before open raising again from the button. This time Jaoa Barbosa announces that he’s all in and Minieri goes into his talking mode. Barbosa keeps schtum, refusing to confirm or deny that he’ll show if Minieri folds. Then Minieri says, “OK, I have one more question. If I fold and show, will you show as well?” Barbosa nods his head and that’s what they do: Minieri has A-3o and Barbosa pocket sixes.

Then we actually see two flops in a row, both between Minieri and Behling. Minieri calls Behling’s pre-flop bet of 44,000 and they see 7h-3s-Qh. Behling takes this one with an 80,000 bet. Then the two players, in an unraised pot, see 5d-Ah-7s and Miniri bets 16,000, which is called. The 10d turns and Minieri this time shakes off Behling with a bet of 38,000.

8.15pm: Under way
Play finally restarts after an extra long dinner break.

8.10pm: Empty seats
Still no sign of the players. No, wait. They’re here. We should be playing again within a few minutes.

7.55pm: Long dinner
Players were spotted in the bufet room about an hour ago, but are yet to return to the tournament area. We’re expecting them imminently for the resumption in play.

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