Dario Minieri has chips. It was worth checking because just a few minutes ago he was down to his last few thousand. The casual observer might say he had some kind of kick-ass rake back deal. Those who’ve seen him play for any length of time though know this is just the Minieri way, as if hanging around with just a handful of chips was an affront to his sense of what is right and wrong.

With a stack close to 30,000 he re-raised a Patric Martenssen bet of 850 pre-flop, which the Swede called. Dario looked over at Martenssen’s stack to see what he was up against and then waited for the flop.

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Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri

Martenssen was betting again when it came 8c-6s-Kc; 1,450 this time which Minieri called. It was a similar scenario on the Ac turn card. Martenssen kept on betting, 2650 now, only this time Minieri wasn’t as quick to follow, eventually letting his hand go.

Did he have just a few thousands a few minutes ago? Yes, and he still has them, regardless of that setback, quickly adding a few more with uncontested raises that has the table on edge again.

Stop press: On the flip side of Dario’s success, as if some freaky ying yang thing was going on, ElkY has suffered some, back down to a little less than 20,000 in as quick a spell as Minieri flourished. Even worse for another Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson, he lost four big pots, ultimately pushing with A-9 only to be called by aces.

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