Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle Mercier has opted for the relaxed look today. Wearing one of those thick comforting winter sweaters, she nods her head occasionally to whatever music is playing through her headphones. She can’t hear the outside world, or the screams from the early damage she’s caused.

The modest pot she took from Lukasz Wasek was just a appetiser, the main course came from the seat six player Olsen Jorga.

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Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle Mercier

Mercier began with a pre-flop bet of 150, which Wasek next to her and Jorga in the big blind called for a flop of Qc-4c-8s. With the action checked to Mercier the Team Pro made it 250. Wasek had been roughed up a few hands earlier, twice in fact, and chose this point to limit his intake of frustration, mucking his hand. Jorga though had no such plans and re-raised to 500.

Still nodding to the music Mercier called. Jorga led the betting on the 5s turn card, 1,200 in total which Mercier called. Jorga led out again on the 2c river, 1,800 this time.

Mercier went to her stack, chips divided by colour alongside a banana. No messing about, Mercier fired out a re-raise, 4,800 in total. Mercier looked relaxed as she waited for Jorga to finish the reconstruction in his head. It was a process that led him to fold, leaving the in-form Mercier with more than 15,000.

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