There may not be an official record book but I think it’s correct to say that this was the shortest day of play in EPT history. From Raul Paez’s elimination in 26th all the way to Claus Nielsen’s departure in tenth took just two hours 40 minutes – including breaks. It’s still daylight outside.


So when the smoke clears here’s how the final table will look tomorrow…

Seat 1 — Trond Erik Eidsvig – Norway – 220,000
Seat 2 — Christian Öman – Sweden – 110,000
Seat 3 — Mehdi Ouakhir – France – PokerStars qualifier – 360,000
Seat 4 — Niclas Svensson – Sweden – 174,000
Seat 5 — Daniel Woolson – USA – PokerStars qualifier – 164,000
Seat 6 — Juan Maceiras – Spain – PokerStars qualifier – 437,000

Seat 7 — Michael Schulze – Germany – 1,162,000
Seat 8 — Ricardo Sousa – Portugal – 756,000
Seat 9 — Mathias Viberg – Sweden – 229,000

It ended with Claus Nielsen, whose prospects at the start of play were certainly more rosy than in the last ten minutes. His miserable day was concluded by German Michael Schulze holding red pocket jacks. Claus had A-K but was left helpless as he watched the flop bring three diamonds, the turn bring a fourth and then a jack appear on the river. It was as if the gods were giving Claus a message in no uncertain terms that this was not to be his day.

For the other nine it’s a last day of work tomorrow starting at 2pm. In the meantime you can catch up on the action from today by checking the links below…

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Flying the flag for PokerStars

The first half hour

Confusion reigns – down to 15

Players take a break

Action continues into the break

Finally, a wrap up of the day from Kara Scott and the video blog team…

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