It’s the dinner break and players have to walk up 36 steps to reach ground level, the bar, or the lift back to their room for an hour of rest before heading back down the 36 steps to the tournament room.

But for some, it’s the first seven steps that are important, steps taken long ago before the tournament even started. For anyone who doesn’t know ‘Steps’ is the brand new way of winning an EPT package (or any other package for that matter) on PokerStars – that’s buy-in, hotel accommodation and flights in one.


The process is simple. Five (or six depending on the event) ‘steps’ to qualify, starting at as low as $7.50 or 500 FPP. Each step is effectively a sit and go with the first and second place finisher advancing to the next step whilst the third place player gets another go at that step. Do that all the way to the last stage and the seat is yours!

You don’t even have to start at the bottom of the ladder – you can buy-in at whichever level suits you. It’s proven already to be one of the most popular ways to qualify, with 53 PokerStars qualifiers at the EPT Warsaw alone getting here via the Steps way – adding up to $1.3 million total prize pool from step six tournaments just to Warsaw.

San Remo may be wall-to-wall but there’s still time to give Steps a whirl – the ultimate goal being a ticket to the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo next month. You can also use Steps to secure a seat at the World Series main event. Click here for more details.

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