There’s a brief roar – one of those victory noises that can’t be helped and always leave the roarer feeling bad afterwards. But it signals the end of Luca Pagano’s tournament. In a three way pot with Niclas Mattesson and Azem Elezaj Luca had A-Q, to the A-J of Azem and 7-7 of Niclas – with Azam covering the other two. A jack on the flop suited him nicely, heralding the end of the day for both Niclas and Luca.


Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano

Liz Lieu has had better fortune. She doubled up with pocket sevens, making a set on the flop whilst her opponent missed his straight draw. It did more than that for Liz, pairing the board giving her a full house.


Liz Lieu

Brynja Bjorg-Sassoon is getting into his flow, reading a book between hands now and calling on the massage services of Frida to help him work up an appetite.

Two tables along sits Polish player Piotr Marzec. He cuts an impressive gib at his table, with tattoos running up one arm, around the back of his head, and back down the other arm. He has a goatee beard too and a cleanly shaved head that shines under the lights. A shot of something sits in front of him, close to running on empty, but as if by magic another one is brought to him by a branded girl. An aperitif before dinner.

By appearances Piotr could be in charge of security at a rock concert, but actually Piotr goes by another name – that being Leroy O and he happens to be a top selling Polish R&B musician.


Piotr Marzec, aka Liroy

Famous for being one of the first Polish rap acts to rock the country, he’s something of an icon in these parts with famous songs including “Scyzoryk” (apparently meaning a small knife) and “East On Da Mic”.
Will that talent bridge the gap to poker? It’s hard to tell right now but after a slow start Piotr/Liroy has taken a couple of pots, survived and all-in and taken a couple more. Good enough to make it to the dinner break at least, keeping his bet with Michel Wisniewski from yesterday alive – an inter-Polish-musician last longer.

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