Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater was holding a bottle of water high above her head. She’d been asked how much she had left by Nicolas Liakos in seat three and to save speaking had lifted the bottle, which had been obscuring the view. The answer was somewhere in the region of 7,000.

The board at this stage already read 7c-3c-2h-As. Katja had re-raised pre-flop and then made it another 3,500 on the flop, but still Liakos had stayed with her all the way. After both checked the turn Liakos seized the action by the neck and raised big with a 4,800 gambit that was intended to end the hand right there. It didn’t. Katja took her time, sorting through potential outcomes and eventually putting her finger on what exactly was happening. The resulting call was spot on.

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Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater

Liakos turned over pocket nines, admitting the call was good before he’d even seen Thater’s pocket kings. Katja looked vindicated, and relieved, as a few more heads peered over the crowds to take a look. Katja has more than 21,000 now with 76 players remaining on day 1b.


The chip count page has been updated and shows the new chip leader to be Roland de Wolfe. By happy coincidence he spoke to the video blog team…

Watch EPT Warsaw 08: Interview with Roland De Wolfe Day 1b on

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