There’s a five minute delay at the start as the dealer stacks Juan Mercieras’ chips which, with him still en route, are tipped out in a big mess on the table. That took five minutes – the first elimination took another five – an unsurprising one in Raul Paez Corral who started the day on just 28k.

Raul spoke to the video blog team shortly after…

More all-ins would follow but not all were taken. Trond Eidsvig tried once and tried twice before keeping his hopes alive with a double up. In between those Norwegian Andreas Hagen exited in 25th place when his A-Q move was stopped dead by A-K.

PokerStars qualifier Ken Hicks Jr. was in a few pots early on, helping Christoffer Sonesson to
double up when he called Sonesson’s pocket jacks with A-T. But it was a different story for Andy Black. His story ends in 24th place in a hand against PokerStars qualifier Criag Hopkins – Q-J for Andy, A-5 for Craig. Aces on the flop and turn left Andy drawing dead.

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