It’s important to note that none of what you’re about to read is actually happening. Not for an hour at least. We’re on a 60 minute delay for the final table. The pictures you’re seeing on EPT Live right now are a false reality which has already taken place.

It’s a necessary requirement for the showing of hole cards as the broadcast is being shown live on television as well as the internet. It also allows a moment’s thought to the idea of “what if all live were like this?” We’d never ben late for work for a start, and Rick Dacey could see the buffet coming an hour before it arrived.

Inside the tournament room life goes on as normal, albeit with a 60 minute delay. A bank of seating has been erected for the audience, a vast crowd ready to watching this one through to the end, although they won’t actually sit here for an hour.


I can’t really say any of this for at least an hour…

Camera teams are waiting for things to happen, in an hour for now, while one man in flip flops, grey shorts with blue underpants showing between those and an old t-shirt, has 60 minutes to change his mind, go back to his room and dress like an adult.

Ironically the side events are not prone to this delay, working in real time. Fears that they would give the game away have proven unfounded, as most pay no attention to events taking place alongside them, albeit an hour later.

Suddenly a player goes all in…

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