What a torrid time for Melanie Wesiner. At the end of level 15 Weisner was chip leader with 595,000, at the end of level 16 she was still in the top half of chip counts with 291,000, but around 15 minutes into level 17 she was leaning back in her chip looking sorely disappointed to have been on the wrong side of two coolers in a single orbit and out of the tournament in 28th for DKK65,000 ($11,560 approx).

Although her eventual departure came at the hands of Stig Christensen when she four-bet all-in for 80,000 with A♥Q♠ into his A♠K♠, the real damage was done a few minutes earlier by Steve O’Dwyer.

ept copenhagen_day 3_stig christensen.jpg

Stig Christensen

It was button versus big blind with two big hands and smart thinking players. The situation appeared to be pretty unavoidable, one of those hands which has players shrugging on the side-line and muttering words such as ‘cooler’ and ‘whatareyougonnado?’. O’Dwyer had made a standard button raise of 11,000 and Weisner had three-bet from the big blind to 28,000. So far, so standard. Then thinks went a little odd.

O’Dwyer attempted to make a small re-raise but didn’t put in quite enough chips to do so. A ruling was made that because he put in more than half of the raise it would stand as a minimum raise, which is pretty much what he was trying to do anyway.

The tall American, runner-up at EPT London earlier this season to Benny Spindler, apologised and said that he was trying to make a small raise.

“It’s okay,” said Weisner, “because I’m all-in.”

O’Dwyer quickly called for his 202,000 stack.

O’Dwyer: A♣A♥
Weisner: A♦Q♣

“Apologies, I really wasn’t…” said O’Dwyer, before the rest of his sentence was drowned out by the clamour of the rail. It looked like a genuine mistake and Weisner certainly didn’t seem to indicate that she thought otherwise.

ept copenhagen_day 3_melanie weisner.jpg

It won’t be the last we see of Weisner

The board ran out 8♣4♠7♦5♦10♥ and as Weisner’s stack was pushed over to O’Dwyer her usual impervious table manner seemed to whither as the last hour of play hit home. A few minutes later she was out. She will be back, no doubt, but chip leader to out in around an hour will be a hard experience to get over.

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