The €5,000 EPT9 Sanremo main event plays down from 24 players to eight today. It’s a critical stage in the tournament where a good return on investment can turn into a life changing one. Will you bump out with a healthy €23,000 or will you guarantee yourself an eighth-place €65,450 with a shot at the title and the incredible €800,000 first place prize? It’s a huge difference and what makes tournament poker so good.

The interet isn’t great here in Italy so do consider that this introductory video has been posted a little later than intended. For instane, second in chips Inge Forsmo is no longer well stacked. In fact, he hasn’t got any. He bust in 23rd for €23,000. Yevgeniy Timoshenko following him to the rail shortly after.


Yevgeniy Timoshenko: maiden EPT cash in Europe


The final 24

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