Dominik Nitsche has won Event #25 for €35,000 beating two EPT champs to the trophy and pushing him through the $2,000,000 career winnings barrier. The German, who won LAPT Mar del Plata for $381,030 in 2009, beat Niclas Martinsson heads-up and also outlasted EPT Sanremo champ Rupert (fifth, €7,000) and EPT Dortmund winner Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald (seventh, €4,300).

“The final table was really tough. There was Rupert Elder, Mike McDonald and two other really good player. There was a Scandinavian and this young British kid. I got kind of lucky in that I won a flip against Rupert and Timex busted early on. After that, I was the most experienced player left. I ran really and was lucky enough to pick up some pots when they didn’t have it against me,” said Nitsche.


Dominik Nitsche

Tournament info
Buy-in: €990
Game: NLHE
Players: 123
Prize pool: €107,379

1. Dominik Nitsche, Germany, €35,000
2. Niclas Martinsson, Sweden, €19,300
3. Marco Caza, Canada, €11,800
4. Paul Nunes, UK, €8,600
5. Rupert Elder, UK, €7,000
6. Viliyan Petleshkov, Bulgaria, €5,450
7. Mike McDonald, Canada, €4,300
8. Andrew Dean, Canada, €3,209
9. Beslan Vedzizhev, Russian Federation, €2,360
10. Carlos Mora Alvarez, Mexico, €2,360
11. Andrew Pierz, Poland, €2,100
12. Martin Finger , Germany, €2,100
13. Patrick Fortin, Canada, €1,900
14. Mihails Moroz, Latvia, €1,900

That aforemnetioned ‘young British kid’ was Paul Nunes who has cashed four times on the PokerStars UKIPT contributing to $553,467 in live winnings. One to watch? You bet. With more events and bigger fields, this season will unearth greater numbers of talent like Nunes. It’s a change in festival scheduling that has been welcomed by touring pros like Nitsche.

“It cuts down travel expenses and it’s much nicer to stay somewhere like this for two weeks rather than just one. One week always felt a little rushed, you know. Now you fly in before the main event and you get to play a lot more. There’s all these side events which are all a lot bigger this year* which is great, the €2k was absolutely massive. Even if you bust there’s still three or four tournaments worth playing,” said Nistche.

*This season, of course.

It certainly worked out for Nitsche this time around. Today’s win pushed him through the $2,000,000 career live winnings.

“David (Vamplew) and I were comparing Hendon Mob winnings the other day. He is winning but only because they didn’t count my Lebanese win (of $66,000). I would like to point out that I’m ahead of David Vamplew. He’s having none of it,” he said.

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