Playing ring game tables can be a scary place for a beginner starting out on their poker journey, but as you clock up table hours and experience these tables can become the most lucrative for a dedicated poker grinder. Few people know this as well as Team Online player Tyler “frosty012” Frost, a member of Team PokerStars Online whose rise to the top you can watch here. Frost was introduced to the game by friends, quickly caught the poker bug, and is now considered one of the best online cash game grinders around.


Tyler “frosty012” Frost

Would you like free coaching from “frosty012”?
PokerSchoolOnline is offering PokerStars players a unique opportunity to have their cash game hands analysed by Tyler in his next live training session this Sunday, February 9 at 14:00 ET. You can attend that live training session, and others at PokerSchoolOnline, by getting yourself registered by clicking here. Remember, it’s all free!

How do I submit my hand history?
Simply pick one or two ring game hands that you have found difficult to play and have questions about. Email them to using the subject header: “Help me, Frosty!” and include any relevant information and questions you have about the hand. Frost will pick out a selection of various situations that seem to be causing the most frequent headaches and will tell you what you should be doing in these tricky spots.

Don’t worry if your hand doesn’t get covered, there’ll still be loads of great hints and tips to improve your game. This is a ‘cool’ opportunity to have your poker hands analysed by a pro for free! So don’t miss out, submit your hands today.

PokerSchoolOnline is a great, fun and free way to improve your poker game. Click through to PokerSchoolOnline now.

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