A field of hundreds? You only need to beat five players* to make a Bounty Builder profit.

*sometimes even less

Imagine that you didn’t need to reach the money in a poker tournament to make a profit.

No slogging away playing great poker, only to bust empty-handed on the bubble.

Even better, imagine if to make a profit you didn’t have to get past hundreds or even thousands of other players.

You only needed to beat five.

That’s fewer than in a sit and go.

It’s how Progressive KO events work, which also happens to be the format of the Bounty Builder Series, starting this Sunday.

You might even call it the best bit.

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KO five players to make a profit

In Progressive KO events, half of your buy-in goes into the prize pool, while the other half forms the bounty on your own head.

If you knock out a player, you get to keep their bounty. Well, half of it. The other half is added to your own bounty, making you an even bigger target.

So for example: $1.10 buy-in ($0.48 prize pool, $0.50 bounty, $0.12 rake)

  • KO a player that hasn’t eliminated anyone else, you collect $0.25
  • KO four you make $1.00 back (two cents more than your buy-in)
  • KO five and lock up a profit

So all you need are five KOs. But sometimes even less.

Because if you KO a player who has already KO’d several others (increasing their own bounty along the way) the half you keep will be a lot bigger.

A better alternative to busting empty-handed

You can see how the bounties can quickly boost your bankroll, long before you ever reach the money bubble.

That should help ease that familiar frustration of playing well but falling short of the pay-outs.

It can make reaching the money more of a bonus than a main objective.

And if you don’t KO five in one go…

You might be thinking ‘wait a second. It’s not easy to KO five players’.

You’re right. Sometimes you can go a whole tournament without scoring any KOs.

That’s why we’re keeping score of all your KOs, and awarding more prizes based on your series total.

We have tickets to three special $10K Halloween freerolls to give away to anyone who reaches a certain number of KOs over the course of the two-week series.

Here’s how to get one.

Score 10 KOs during the Series to earn a $10K freeroll ticket

You can win up to three freeroll tickets depending on how many players you eliminate over two weeks. Your first target is ten KOs.

  • KO 10 and you’ll earn a ticket to one of the $10K freerolls
  • KO 25 and you’ll earn a ticket into a second
  • KO 100 and you’ll get entry into all three

All three freerolls take place on October 31 (we did say it was a Halloween Special).

They’ll also be prizes for the top leader board finishers. By the way, if you’re curious, the top scorer last year was Bananero17 who scored 392 KOs.

We’ll update the KO leader board every day so you can track your progress.

Register now for the Start this Sunday

If this has got you in the mood to KO a few players, the Bounty Builder Series starts this Sunday on PokerStars, but you can register now for events, and play satellites for as little as $0.11.

Register now for Bounty Builder Series events

There are 180 tournaments on the schedule. That makes 12 each day with buy ins starting at $1.10.

It all adds up to $25 million guaranteed, with $2 million of that for the $530 Main Event.

The Bounty Builder Halloween Special logo

The Bounty Builder Series starts this Sunday on PokerStars. 180 tournaments with $25 million guaranteed over two weeks

Find out more

You can find out more about the series on the Bounty Builder Series Homepage.

That’s where you’ll find information on things like:

  • The full tournament schedule
  • More information about the KO leader board
  • Special Spin & Go’s
  • More ways you can win free tournament tickets

Remember, KO five players to make a profit. Or score ten in Bounty Builder Series events over the next two weeks to earn a special $10K freeroll ticket.

Good luck.

The Bounty Builder Series starts this Sunday, 13 October, on PokerStars.


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