In order to better capture the fast and furious action here, we’re reverting to time-stamped, level-by-level commentary.

This post contains the latest action from level 17, with blinds at 2,500-5,000 (500 ante). Latest chip counts are on the chip count page.

5.45pm: As we work on the day report, here’s the final table line up for tomorrow:

Seat 1 – Arnaud Mattern, France, 328,000
Seat 2 – Ludovic Lacay, France, 296,500
Seat 3 – Andrea Benelli, Italy, 100,000
Seat 4 – Michael Muheim, Switzerland, PokerStars qualifier, 89,000
Seat 5 – Joao Barbosa, Portugal, 123,000
Seat 6 – Dario Minieri, Italy, Team PokerStars Pro, 359,500
Seat 7 – Nico Behling, Denmark, 343,500
Seat 8 – Sergey Shcherbatskiy, Russia, PokerStars qualifier, 349,000
Seat 9 – Atanas Gueorguiev, Bulgaria, PokerStars qualifier, 186,500

5.34pm: Final table set.
In one of the first hands of level 18 a quick-fire all-in finds Uffe Holm and Michael Muheim, two of the short stacks, with their chips in the middle. Muheim shows Ah-9d to Holm’s Ts-7s. Despite Holm’s pleading for “at least a seven” nothing comes to help the Dane and he exits in tenth place, the last elimination of the day.

5.30pm: Swiss on the ascent
Michael Muheim doubles up with nut flush, up to 70,000.

5.25pm: Down to ten
It’s the end of the road for Eduard Kapitonov and it came on a river card that gave Frenchman Ludovic Lacay a straight. Kapitonov had been ahead when all in holding Ad-9d to Lacay’s Js-4s. But the board 6s-3d-5s-5h-2h saw him off. Just ten players remain.

5.20pm: 150,000+ pot for the Russian
Big pot for the overnight chip leader Sergey Shcherbatskiy and possibly enough to get him back to the top of the leaderboard. Michael Muheim, the PokerStars qualifier from Switzerland, raises from the button and Shcherbatskiy calls in the big blind. The flop comes Ks-4c-2s and Shcherbatskiy checks, which prompts a bet of 20,500 from Muheim. Shcherbatskiy calls. The turn is the Jd and Shcherbatskiy now comes out firing, 25,000 to be precise. Muheim calls. Shcherbatskiy repeats the bet on the 2d river and once again Muheim calls. Shcherbatskiy flips K-10 for flopped top pair and Muheim knocks the table and mucks.

5.10pm: The all important numbers
The latest chip counts are now availabe. You can also find the results so far on our prizes page.

5.05pm: Down to 11
A bet of 15,000 by Brian Jensen called by Arnaud Mattern in the big blind. On the flop Qs-Qd-4h Both checked for a turn card Jd which prompted Mattern to bet 20,000 which Jensen, who was bashed around a little by another Frenchman Ludovic Lacay in the hand earlier, called. The river came 7h and Mattern moved all-in, easily covering Jensen who after a short pause for reflection called, showing aces. Mattern showed Kc-Qc – Jensen leaves in 12th place.

4.51pm: De Wolfe out
There’s only one former champion remaining, eliminating the other. Roland de Wolfe is now on the rail thanks to Arnaud Mattern, a straight forward nines against fives, leaving 12 players.

4.50pm: Things change
In the space of two hands Bulgarian Atanas Gueorguiev did his tournament hopes no end of good, first doubling up against Brian Jensen when he caught an ace onthe river to beat Jensen’s pocket fives. Then he jetted up to 200,000 from 50,000 by eliminating Moises Parilla, aces over A-T. Down to 13.

4.45pm: Minieri moves
Dario Minieri has been moved and now fills the seat left empty by Martenssen’s departure.

4.40pm: Martensson reaches the end
Patric Martensson’s day just ended, puching all of his tiny stack in behind A-6 and getting a call from Roland de Wolfe. De Wolfe had A-8 and although the flop gave Martensson some split possibilities with three high cards, the turn and river were both low and De Wolfe’s eight played. Down to 14.

4.35pm: Champions clash
On a flop of Ad-Th-5d the two former EPT winners contended a hand. Arnaud Mattern bet 19,000 from the button which Roland de Wolfe called for a turn card 6c. De Wolfe checked to the Frenchman who bet again, this time all-in. Roland passed, Mattern now has around 100,000.

4.25pm: Play is due to resume in level 17 at around 4.30pm local time. A full chip count will be available then, but the two chip leaders, by a comfortable distance, are Dario Minieri and Sergey Shcherbatskiy.

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