Today PokerStars adds a new game to the Spin & Go lobby.

It’s called Spin & Go Flash.

Now, we should start by saying that Spin and Go Flash isn’t for everyone.

If you like spending hours over a tournament while making the most of your time bank, then the super speedy structure – even quicker than regular Spin & Go’s – might not be for you.

But if you like your poker in small packages, and super quick, and all done within those few spare minutes you find during the day, then Spin & Go Flash is for you.

Spin & Go’s but even faster

Spin & Go Flash, which you can find in the PokerStars lobby from today, is like regular Spin & Go, but with a couple of key changes.

They still use the three-handed format, and you still see the spin to determine the prize pool at the start of each game.

The main differences are the starting stack, and the blind levels.

Each player starts with 300 chips (not 500), and the levels are just one minute long (rather than three).

Same rake, same payout. You just play even faster.

Play Flash, or no Flash

So if you’re something of a Spin & Go player, check out the new game in the PokerStars lobby and see what you think.

And if you prefer your Spin & Go’s a little bit less frenetic, you’ll still find plenty of regular Spin & Go’s in the usual place, just as before.

Check out the Spin and Go homepage for more details. There you’ll find more details about how Spin & Go’s work, as well as the prizes (and probabilities) and the structure.


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