Progressive jackpot slots offer the biggest prizes in online casino gaming. Millionaire’s Island is one of the handful of slots that offers a guarantee of $1 million, with the total accumulating until someone hits the big time.

On Wednesday March 18, that someone was 32-year old electrical engineer from Romania, “Leonidas2552”. He was enjoying a casual spin on the online slots during his day off when he won the jackpot. Now, he is over $4.8 million richer. The win is set to change his life forever.

“I will hit something big”

Leonidas2552 started playing on PokerStars Casino when he “saw a friend of his win $2,000”. Something of a believer in fate, Leonidas2552 says he was totally convinced there would be a moment when he “would hit something big”.

But nothing could prepare him  for quite how big that moment would be. After taking a spin and seeing those five Millionaire’s Island symbols on the reels, he won the progressive jackpot total for an astonishing $4,810,982.

“I’ll start a plan to invest”

What would you do if you suddenly had $4.8 million? It’s a big question. No matter who you are, there are probably certain luxuries that spring to mind. But the wise would also use at least some of these winning to invest for the future. That’s what Leonidas2552 has planned.

“In the future, I’ll start a plan to invest, buy 2-3 houses for renting and maybe open a service for boats, as I live on the river Danube.”

“My parents don’t believe me”

Leonidas2552 has chosen to remain anonymous. Not that it makes much difference. Even his family and close friends can’t believe that the win has actually happened! It’s just too much to take in.

“My parents don’t believe me… My close friends who also play poker and casino on your platform say it’s impossible, the win is too big!”

“Your brain refuses to believe”

Millionaires Island is full of features and bonuses, and has a progressive jackpot that starts at $1 million

How does it actually feel to win $4.8 million? Is it a feeling of elation and ecstasy? It’s almost unfathomable to think about. According to Leonidas2552, it’s a moment that is nearly impossible to compute.

“Well, after winning this gigantic prize, I just didn’t realize that it’s true. I assure you, in that moment your brain refuses to believe it”, says Leonadis2552.

Millionaire’s Island

The Millionaire’s Island online slot is available to play now on the PokerStars Casino client.

The slot is packed with features, including Free Games, Submarine Bonus Round, Card Bonus and the Big Symbol. The main draw is the progressive jackpot which, when hit, pays out at least $1 million.

Head to PokerStars Casino to find progressive jackpot slots.

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