What do you get when you cross an affordable low buy-in Irish poker tournament, with an eye-watering guarantee?

You might call it a craic, given it’s being played at the Bonnington Hotel in Dublin. But it’s official name is The Mammoth.

Third year of the Mammoth, and a bigger guarantee

Like the prehistoric hairy beast which may or may not have once roamed the Emerald Isle, the Mammoth will be big. So big in fact that we hope it breaks records when it starts next month.

It’s the third time Dublin has hosted the Mammoth. This year the buy-in is €150, and the guarantee is €200,000. That’s up from €150,000 last year. Or put another way, about ten thousand pints of local Guinness.

But they’ll be a new feature this year that makes it even easier to play.

Play Day 1 either live or online

Two Day 1s will be played online, for the first time. Ten more Day 1s will then be played live at The Bonnington Hotel.

That’s before Day 2, and the third and final day, play out at the Bonnington also. By the end of the three days someone will be walking away — delira and excira — with a big pay day.

First those live Day 1s.

Live Day 1s start Friday 24 May

There will be ten Day 1s in total (A to J). They start on Friday 24 May and run until Sunday 2 June.

Here’s the time table:

Day 1A – Friday 24th May, 16:00

Day 1B – Saturday 23rd May, 12:00

Day 1C – Saturday 23rd May, 19:00

Day 1D – Sunday 24th May, 14:00

Day 1E – Wednesday 29th May, 16:00

Day 1F – Thursday 30th May, 16:00

Day 1G – Friday 31st May, 16:00

Day 1H – Saturday 1st June, 12:00

Day 1I – Saturday 1st June, 19:00

Day 1J – Sunday 2nd June, 09:45

Then there are those two special online Day 1s. They take place on PokerStars on the following dates:

Thursday 23 May

Tuesday 28 May

If you make it through either the live or online Day 1s, you’ll have a seat waiting for Day 2 on Sunday 2 June at 14:30.

The final follows on Monday 3 June at 12:00. The winner last year took home more than €25,000.

Win your way to the Mammoth on PokerStars

You can also win your way to a seat in the Mammoth in the online qualifiers on PokerStars.

We’re awarding €150 Seat-Only packages to the live Main Event over the coming weeks. Qualifiers start this Sunday. Here’s the schedule.

Sunday, 28th April – 5x €150 Mammoth seats guaranteed

Sunday 5th May – 5x €150 Mammoth seats guaranteed

Thursday 9th May – 5x €150 Mammoth seats guaranteed

Sunday 12th May – 5x €150 Mammoth seats guaranteed

Thursday 16th May – 5x €150 Mammoth seats guaranteed

Sunday 19th May – 5x €150 Mammoth seats guaranteed

So that’s six chances to win your seat before heading over to Dublin next month.

Get started this weekend. And let us know how you get on @PokerStarsBlog.

For more information, including how to claim a special room rate at the Bonnington Hotel, check out the Mammoth homepage.

You’ll also find details of how to get to Dublin, and the side schedule you’ll find when you get there.

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