I’m a movie star!

Okay, maybe I’m not exactly a movie star just yet. But I made a start! Did I play in a movie you ask? Well yes! They made a movie based on my life! And I had the leading role! It’s not a Hollywood movie… It’s more like a short film, but still! You still have no idea what I’m talking about? My Team Online video of course!

The video was filmed earlier this year in Athens. Shortly after it was announced that I was one of the newest PokerStars Team Online members, the team’s manager asked me if I could go to Greece for the filming. I was super excited about it cause I was part of André’s video that was filmed a couple of years ago and I have really good memories of the whole process. So I obviously said yes, they flew in the filming crew and we got to work! It took us two full days to film and the experience was a lot of fun! With so many hours of footage I feel like PokerStars had enough material to make a two-hour movie, but since these videos are “short films” only the best parts made it into the final cut!

You’ll see me talking about what I think is the hardest part of playing poker… For me, that’s the emotional aspect. When we filmed the video I was going through a downswing so I was right on the spot talking about that subject! It’s hard, but inevitable at the same time. Every player goes through rough times and since we can’t avoid them the only thing we can do is to improve the way we deal with them…

That brings me to the next subject you’ll see in the video, which is dancing! I’m not a pro, so don’t expect to be amazed at my dancing skills, but I think I have found the perfect way (for me) to turn my mind off and disconnect from whatever is going on in my life. For other people it could be skiing, swimming, bungee jumping or even collecting stamps. The point is to have something that breaks your poker routine and allows your brain to shut down for a little while.


Last, but not least, you’ll get a piece of Katerina vs André interaction! Have you ever heard of the phrase “let’s agree to disagree”? Something like that! Oh, and for some bonus material: a sneak peak of my magic card collection and my comics! That’s my inner geek coming out… Beware!

So here it is… My Team Online video, all ready and done! I hope you’ll enjoy watching it and get to know me a bit better. Some aspects of my personality don’t show when I’m behind my PokerStars avatar at the online tables I suppose… Leave me a tweet or a facebook comment if you liked it and if you think I have a chance at a career as an actress in Hollywood… If not, that’s okay, you can still leave your opinion and I’ll stick to poker instead!

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