I remember the day when I got told that Ryan Firpo and his crew would be coming over to my place to start recording my Team Online Short film. It was a very weird feeling, to say the least.

Years before I joined Team Pro Online, I watched those little short films about members of this inspiring Team with great enthusiasm, and I always drew a lot of motivation from it for my own poker life. Fast forward in time, and all of a sudden I realize I have not only joined but actually stayed a member of that awesome crew now for a couple of years – and chances of a short film on my story being produced are real!


Wait, what story? Suddenly, I panicked a little inside. What story could they possibly be telling people about me in this film that might be interesting? I am not a high stakes crusher, I don’t have any big scores, and I am certainly no iridescent poker personality on the circuit by any means. Quite to the contrary, my “career” (if you even want to call it that) is that of an introverted basement kid that simply loves gaming, enjoys teaching, and has been fortunate enough to be able to make ends meet for quite a few years now doing the things he likes the most. Well, writing it down like this now it actually feels that there is at least somewhat of a story to tell.

After all, what did I draw again from watching those films in the first place myself? Oh, yeah. There was inspiration and motivation.

I hope that maybe my little story about how poker slowly changed my life, helped me get past a rough time, and eventually got me to do what I enjoy for a living can be inspiring and motivating to some of you too!

Felix Schneiders is a member of Team PokerStars Pro Online

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