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NEWS: Which former Team PokerStars Pro won the 2019 World Series Player of the Year?
NEWS: The UK has hosted three "Road To PSPC 2020" tournaments recently, each offering a Platinum Pass to their winners. What was the buy-in for all of them?
NEWS: Knitting and poker star Jennifer Carter booked a return trip to the PSPC after winning a second Platinum Pass in the Mega Path. But what was the nationality of the first player to win two Platinum Passes?
HISTORY: Who has never won World Series Player of the Year?
HISTORY: Who won the first ever EPT Main Event?
HISTORY: What is the correct nickname of a former WSOP Main Event winner?
GEOGRAPHY: The latest Red Dragon festival starts this weekend in Jeju, an island off the southern coast of which country?
GEOGRAPHY: Which country has never been visited by the European Poker Tour (EPT)?
GEOGRAPHY: The Road to PSPC venues of Aix-en-Provence and Divonne are in which European country?
STRATEGY: We're playing 6+ hold'em (otherwise known as short deck) and four players are still involved at the river. Here's the board: 6c-Kd-9d-8c-Ah
Who wins at showdown?

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